Historical Map - Far East - Southern Asia - 1570

by Fernao Vaz Dourado

A very decorative historical map of Southern Asia dated 1571 taken from a Portolan Atlas. The map was produced by famous portuguese cartographer Fernao Vaz Dourado. Vaz Dourado's chart of the far east makes use of the "plane chart model", where observed latitudes and magnetic directions are plotted directly into the plane, with a constant scale, as if the earth's surface were a flat plane. This method of charting the world was the most advanced used in Europe until the Mercator Projection was later adopted.

High quality historical map giclee on your choice of canvas or archive quality paper. Superior to traditional lithographs, giclees provide a crisper image, using a wider range of colors that are longer-lasting with such high-resolution that they provide what appears to be "continuous tone", rather than tiny dots. The result is a faithful reproduction that is virtually indistinguishable from the original. Giclee printing is available on 100% cotton artists canvas with UV protective coating or archival paper which is 100% cotton, acid-free with matte finish.

Archive Paper: 47.5" x 38"
Canvas: 45" x 36"
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Map ships rolled in a tube -- ready for your local framing service!

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Far East - 1571
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