Historic Map of Alaska - 1897
Going to Klondyke / An amusing and instructive game.

                                                         RULES OF THE GAME.

The map, as will be observed, shows lands belonging to three governments - Siberia, to Russia ; Alaska to the United States, and the Northwest Territory to Great Britain.  The large circles surrounding Dawson are known as "claims."  The yellow portions are known as "nuggets".  The principal object of the game is to score as high as possible in the "claims" and "nuggets" on the American or Alaskan side, and to avoid altogether Siberia, the circles on the Yukon River, and the circles surrounding the Chilkoot Pass.

  1. Place the map on the wall, the centre about the height of the shoulder, and place some newspapers behind the map.
  2. Any number may play, one keeping score.
  3. Each player is in turn blindfolded, and after being turned around several times is directed to place a pin in the map without otherwise touching it.  The place where the pin enters the map determines the score.
  4. The large circles around Dawson are "claims" and are of various amounts, the portion of the circle on the American side of the line being greater than that on the British side ;  the difference being supposed to represent the tax which the Canadian Government has imposed on the "claims."
  5. The yellow portions are "nuggets" and are valued according to the amounts printed on them.
  6. Nothing is allowed when the player strikes the ocean or an arm thereof, but allowance but allowances will be made for striking in rivers or lakes in "claims."
  7. Any one striking a "claim" on the American side will be allowed in full the amount printed within the circle on that side ; if on the British side he will be allowed in full the amount printed on the British side of the circle, as the tax to the Government has already been deducted.
  8. Any one striking a "nugget" is allowed in full amount printed thereon if on the American side of the line.
  9. "Nuggets" on the Canadian side of the line are subject to a deduction of 20 per cent, which goes to the "government."
  10. Any one striking within the boundaries of Siberia loses all that he as gained, since the government is supposed to appropriate all mineral wealth to its use.
  11. Any one striking within the circle surrounding the dangerous Chilkoot Pass, or in any of the small circles along the Icy Yukon, is considered to have failed to reach Dawson, and falls out of the game.
  12. The game may be played as desired, the one striking it the richest being the winner.
The following variations may sometimes be introduced with good effect:
  1. The one first reaching a fixed amount may be declared the winner.
  2. Any one striking above the Arctic Circle may be dropped from the game or lose all he has gained.
  3. The British and Russian Governments may be represented by one of the players, and he is allowed all taxes on "nuggets," on the British side as well as all amounts lost by being caught in Chilkoot Pass, along the Yukon,  in Siberia, or above the Arctic Circle.
  4. The players may be divided into two groups.  If a player gets caught in Chilkoot Pass or in the Yukon, he falls out of the game and the balance of his side continue to play.

  If a player strikes within the boundary line of Siberia his side loses all it has made up to that time.
  Sides continue to play until one has reached a fixed amount, or has the larges score at a given time, at the option of the players, or
until all of the players on one side have been dropped from the game, whichever first happens.

Historic Map of Alaska - Going to Klondyke - 1897
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