Christmas Gift Ideas 2017 – Floor Globes

A floor globe is more than just a gift – it’s giving a tradition. It’s a centerpiece. It’s an heirloom. It’s sharing a mutual love for our world, and putting it on display in our homes and offices. We always want ourselves be in the company of the dignified and the distinguished, but now we ourselves can be the dignified and distinguished. Here are our favorite floor globes to establish these connections in 2017:

The Eaton III
16″ Floor Globe from Replogle Globes
$422.00 – Buy it here

Using classic National Geographic cartography, the Eaton III from Replogle is a focal point in any room. The parchment color oceans gives the globe a soft, approachable look, and the adjustable stand lets you decide how it’s displayed. This globe is the perfect gift for any nautical enthusiast.

The Logan
16″ Floor Globe from Replogle Globes
$1,225.00 – Buy it here

A true heirloom from Replogle. The Logan sets the bar for floor globes, with its classic, antique design and stately walnut stand. This globe will exalt any home or office into one of nobility and importance. Utilizing Replogle’s updatable globe program will make sure this globe stays with your family for generations to come.

The Chamberlin
16″ Illuminated Floor Globe from Replogle Globes
$333.00 – Buy it here

The only issue we ever hear about illuminated floor globes is the electrical cord getting in the way. That problem is no more, thanks to the Chamberlin from Replogle. This globe features LED illumination that is powered by 4 AA batteries, which means you can enjoy your National Geographic globe ball lit up each night of the year without fussing with any wires or cords. A perfect fit!

The Commander II
16″ Floor Globe from Replogle Globes
$210.00 – Buy it here

The Commander II from Replogle is simply a classic. The best value floor globe available, it doesn’t skimp on form or functionality. The 16″ antique ocean globe ball is the same globe ball used on globes four times its price. It’s affixed to a full-swing meridian, which is mounted to a beautiful, simple hardwood base. It’s the perfect chairside globe, and will look great in any home or office setting.

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