Christmas Gift Ideas 2017 – Globes for Kids

Finding the right globe for a child isn’t easy. You want something they will learn from, of course, but you also want a globe that entertains them to help keep their interest, and built well enough to withstand drops and rough play. We’ve tested several globes over the years with this in mind, and here are our picks for the best globes for kids in 2017:

The Intelliglobe II
12″ Interactive Globe from Replogle Globes
$165.00 – Buy it here

The long-awaited follow up to the best-selling interactive globe is here! The Intelliglobe II features dozens and dozens of interactive features, with a revamped Intellipen and updated information. Your child is sure to have hours of fun with its mini-games and fact-finding, and the globe’s molded base and meridian are designed to absorb impact and be a great tool AND toy for years to come.

The Explorer
12″ Desk Globe from Replogle Globes
$55.50 – Buy it here

Renowned for its simple design since 1930, The Explorer from Replogle Globes is still one of the best values out there. It’s got it all – classic blue oceans, raised relief, a sturdy, metal stand, all at a price of under $60. Just imagine the years your child will have growing up with this globe!

The Atlantis
12″ Desk Globe from Replogle Globes
$96.75 – Buy it here

Learning about the whole planet, not just what’s on land, is important for a child. The Atlantis from Replogle aims to do just that. A true physical globe, this is one of very few globes that feature not only raised relief on land, but 3D relief of our ocean floor as well. Combined with the full-swing metal meridian and the sturdy metal base, this globe is the perfect choice for a child’s bedroom or study area.

The Levitating Globe
6″ Levitating globe from Stellanova
$84.99 – Buy it here

For years, the “magic” of levitating globes has captivated children and adults alike, and what better way to further a child’s understanding of science and our world than their very own levitating globe?

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