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A gift to the Festival in Vancouver B.C.

The Vancouver International Children’s Festival called. They were looking for a map and found us online. All you really need to do to find us is type “map murals” or “classroom maps” in a search window and we’ll pop up. Usually on top.

It took a long time to get our websites humming so that people could find us easily. The process is a called “search engine optimization” or “SEO” and consists of using words and terminology on your website and in your product descriptions that correspond to the words and terminology that people might type into search engines like google when looking for something. The trick is to match the words.

Vancouver, British Columbia has a beautiful waterfront park where they hold many events and concerts throughout the year. One of everyone’s favorites is The Children’s Festival that started as a theater festival and can trace its roots back to a UN conference on housing and the environment called Habitat the city hosted in 1976. It has evolved into a much larger event since then, weaving inter-disciplinary arts, interactive arts, and performance art together for young people and their families from around the world. This year will be its 40th anniversary celebration.

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