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Last Minute Delivery Saves the Day

A day barely goes by when we don’t receive a request for a custom map mural. It’s a great way for a business to make a bold statement in their board room or reception area. Companies will often request that we include their logo and perhaps all their satellite branches, franchises, development projects, mining operations, etc. We can even put a big red dot right on the family home.

We print the large murals in separate panels that are then bundled up and shipped off. To do that, we lay the map out in a computer program and slice up the image in the most efficient way to print on our machines with the least amount of waste.

Above is the print layout of a custom map mural we made for a company in Bellevue, Washington. They provide internet, cloud, and communication services. The map was for their lunch room and needed to be finished in time for an important guest.

This is a story about making a mistake and then making it right.
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