World Map Wallpaper – Not Just Educational

Grey oceans world map mural

Picture a setting. That setting could be anyplace and incorporate any sense of style into its design. What impacts the mood of that setting with the strongest pronunciation? Is it the furniture? Perhaps the architecture of the room and the color and depth of the wood used in the molding and trim. Do the wall hangings have the strongest impression on the mood of a place? What about the wall hangings? Perhaps it’s the very color of the paint on the walls that lends its strongest impression. People do spend a great deal of time mixing and matching pigments and deliberating over eggshell and semi-gloss paints. If it’s not the paint, it must be the wall art or pieces of decor that have been carefully chosen to accent a place?

It could be any of these things – truthfully, it’s a mix of all of them. All of these decorative elements come together seamlessly to give you, the observer, a taste of the flavor of a setting. Here’s something – there’s one element that wasn’t listed above that can have quite a profound effect on a setting and can serve multiple purposes. But there’s something that you could use to great effect in your interior design that will have a potent effect and is only rarely leveraged for its flavor and impact. It’s a sleeper pick for interior design, but it’s multifaceted in its appeal and it offers a potent kick to the spirit of a place. 

Here’s something you could implement into your interior design that is surprisingly and impressively versatile. Something that might at first impression appear only to fit into a very small niche of the world of interior design, but really can find a place with almost any discipline of fashion if you take your time choosing – world map wallpaper, or map wallpaper in general. 

Not Just Educational!

You’re inner self is already up in arms, rebelling. Maps are educational, you say! Any mood that a map lends to an interior space due to its incorporation is secondary to its use as a tool. Your points are valid – to a point. Yes, any effect world map wallpaper or wall murals may have had in the past was secondary to a map’s use as a tool. Classrooms, offices, libraries, they all used them as a functional tool first and any color they lent to a space was purely situational and incidental. 

That’s true, but savvy designers and anyone else who developed a keen sense of perception for the way the elements of an interior color it irreversibly with their effect took note. Those notes yield uniform results. Maps can be used as a piece of interior decor primarily and utilized secondarily as a tool. Anyone who’s ever walked into an office only to find a Blaeu Wall Map hanging behind the desk can sympathize. First off, who hangs a map behind a desk if its primary purpose is to serve as a tool of orientation? Secondly, 17th century cartographic projections of the world are valuable only in historical research, and not for current reference.

The point? This is only one example, but maps can be used for their aesthetic qualities to give a space a very distinct character and impression. If you want to give your space a little more color and personality, you don’t even need a historical map or chart. You will have many options. 

Perfect for the Office, the Library or the Study

Yes, we did say that you don’t need to go with a historical projection to make a statement or set a mood, but you definitely can and it would make quite a splash in the right scenario. Think about the grace, austerity and gravity of the perfectly appointed office or library. Dark wood trim and accents, neutral tones and shelves packed with books. An air of history will hang over such a space regardless of any additional accoutrements or additions to its style. 

Now consider how nicely that space will be accented with world map wallpaper to cover a wall that wasn’t already filled from corner to corner with books. The effect would be complete and instantaneous. Somehow, antique and historical maps give a strong impression of sophistication and intellect, the perfect pairing for an office or a library. You might not consult a historical map for the quickest and easiest way to get to the corner store, but you might find yourself lost in reverie studying the bygone political boundaries of yesteryear. That will even teach you something.

The most important part of this is not an analysis of historical maps as a tool for learning, but for the mood they will offer a space. A library, office or study just wouldn’t be complete without an antique world map mural. We here at World Maps Online can set you up with some high-quality antique projections of the world. 

1630 old world map mural

Take a look at our Old World Map Mural – Circa 1630, a faithful reproduction of a period piece that will give any interior space a serious dose of sophistication. Even if only for the interesting accuracy that people of the time had in depicting our Earth, this is a wonderful piece to serve as the backdrop or setting of any serious space. If not, for its artistic value alone this is a piece worthy of display in such a location. 

Take a look at our Historic World 1690 Giclee Print, that is a humble reminder of the limits of discovery. It is simple, almost stark, lacking portions of the globe with which we today have so much more familiarity. Although significantly more stringent than the former it would make an excellent addition or accent to a space of study. Similarly, our 1595 Map Mural is a reminder of the progress and limits of knowledge. An exhibition of the deliberate processes of exploration and discovery is equally fitting in a house of knowledge. Its effect might be gentle, but it is also unforgettable. Just the type of setting you’d want a library or an office to offer. 

Historical maps don’t need to be reserved for quiet, stuffy offices and libraries, however. Anyone with an appreciation for history or culture will love to see one of our Historic Rome or Paris Wall Murals proudly displayed in a conspicuous location. Part of their appeal is in the fact that they are not instantly recognizable, but beautiful once they have been. Anyone whose heritage links them back to the great civilizations of Rome or France will be interested to see such homage done to these cities. They can be hung in any room in a house to give a storied appeal to whatever space they occupy. As much as they will color the room with their sense of character, they will be equally valuable for their use as conversation starters and decor. 

Make It Modern

Just because an antique map gives serious credence and gravity to a setting doesn’t mean that’s the only way you can instill some charm into your design. Take a look at some of the modern world map wallpaper we offer and pick something contemporary, a political map even, just to give some uncustomary character to your living room or family room.

Modern maps don’t have the same feel about them. Where an antique map is reflective or brooding, a modern projection is calculative and busy. So much information is represented in such little space that the first impression they give is overwhelming, especially when in such a large and imposing format. A wall covering projection of the Earth tends to inspire awe in viewers, even when the map is a modern political one. Of course, you could even go with a satellite or topographic map for a little twist. The information conveyed by a true-color satellite image map of the world is not the same as that on a political map but still could offer a great amount of uninterrupted time soaking up the subliminal information it communicates. 

Purely Artistic

There are lots of great projections of the world that are purely artistic representations of the world, yet world map wallpaper of these impressions can still be used to set the mood in a space. Take a look at some of the unique offerings we have here for you to use to decorate your walls and infuse your space with a completely singular character. 

Take a look at our ABCD Map Mural, a colorful, digital take on our world. It can’t really be used for reference, so its value is almost entirely artistic. Even so it is instantly recognizable. It’s also somewhat postmodern in its appeal, and could make a perfectly apt addition to the wall of any space with a minimalistic, modern or postmodern appeal. It is bright and stark, with sharply contrasting colors instantly impressing themselves on the viewer. It’s just the right touch for any setting incorporating incongruous elements into its design. 

For another modern look take a look at our Red Wall Mural in Red Gradient. It’s perfect for any design that leans heavily on the influence of red to finish itself. Red paint, upholstery, curtains or warmly hued furniture would all be perfect candidates to make a match for it. If you want something even starker and more contrasting, take a look at our World Map Mural in Black Scallop. It’s simply jarring how sharp the contrast is between the white negative space of the oceans and the deep black of the land. You could easily incorporate it into the design of any modern space. It would be right at home. In fact, its sharp contrasting features would be mellowed out in the company of many modern designs. 

You could even go with a choice like one of our 1-World Text Maps to top off any modern setting. Not quite as stark as the former entry, these maps are a tasteful depiction of the world with text overlaying the continents that is relevant to proximate locations. Consider them to accent the wall of one of your living spaces, provided your intent is not to provide a traditional feel – these don’t offer that. 

For another interesting twist on map wallpaper, you could check out our maps of space. Alright, so they’re not really world map wallpaper, but they are wall covering maps and they do give a very distinct character to the spaces where they are displayed. In fact, they offer some of the strongest mood setting properties of any of our maps even though they’re maps of space and not of regions of the Earth. Nonetheless, if you’re looking to set the mood in a space and want to use art to do it, these are all excellent options. Some of our most colorful entries are our Carina Nebula and Helix Nebula Wall Murals. If you’re interested in setting some cosmic tones, you might also want to take a look at our maps of the solar system. They’re not just perfect to inspire young learners with lifelong curiosity. They give a decidedly contemporary and state of the art feel to a space.

Get A Custom Map 

If you aren’t sure what you pick for decor but you know a map is just what your space or your room needs to be complete, reach out to us at and talk to us about creating custom world map wallpaper. We can print off specific regions of the world, highlight specific areas and even include relevant information. Arguably the best way to set the mood in your home the way you want it is to create a custom mural anyway. Then you can represent exactly the portion of the world that you want and any relevant features. Give us a call at 1-877-884-2402 to see just what our design service can do for you. As many impressive projections and murals as we offer, if you can think of something you’d like even better, we’d be happy to help you make it a reality.