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Contemporary Spanish Language World Wall Map

This contemporary world map features richly saturated hues and extensive place name detail. This is among the most detailed single sheet wall maps available today & includes thousands of place name labels. World map labeling includes national and state capitals, international and state boundaries, bodies of water, mountain ranges, and much more! This oversized map incorporates a lovely contemporary color palette and shaded relief, while also retaining it's readability and usability as a reference. Countries are delineated in solid blocks of color and boundaries are also defined with red outlines. Extensive labeling throughout enhances the capabilities of this map as a valuable reference. Van Der Grinten Projection is used for the map. Current map from Globe Turner Publishing includes all cartographic changes up to 2019.

Available in four sizes, and in four finishing options including plain paper, laminated, laminated with wood rails, and a new repositionable peel and stick. See below for options.

Este mapa del mundo contemporáneo cuenta con tonalidades ricamente saturados y una descripción más detallada nombre del lugar. Este es uno de los mapas murales sola hoja más detalladas disponibles en la actualidad y incluye miles de etiquetas de nombre de lugar. etiquetado mapa del mundo incluye las capitales nacionales y estatales, las fronteras internacionales y estatales, cuerpos de agua, sierras, y mucho más! Este mapa de gran tamaño incorpora una hermosa paleta de colores contemporánea y relieve sombreado, al tiempo que mantienen que es la legibilidad y facilidad de uso como referencia. Los países están delineados en bloques sólidos de color y límites también se definen con contornos rojos. Amplia etiquetado mejora a través de las capacidades de este mapa como una referencia valiosa. Van Der Grinten de proyección se utiliza para el mapa. mapa actual de Globe Turner Publishing incluye todos los cambios cartográficos hasta el 2016.

Disponible en cuatro tamaños y en cuatro opciones de acabado, incluyendo papel normal, laminado, laminado con rieles de madera, y una nueva cáscara reposicionable y palo. Véase más abajo para las opciones.

Order Below
Non-Laminated Paper Print
Papel de impresión
GT-WO1-5S-1 Size: 42" x 24" 7 lbs $39.00 add to basket
GT-WO1-5M-1 Size: 54" x 31"  7 lbs $49.00 add to basket
GT-WO1-5L-1 Size: 63" x 36" 7 lbs $59.00 add to basket
GT-WO1-5X-1 Size: 74" x 42" 7 lbs $69.00 add to basket
  Laminated w/ Eyelets
Laminada con ojales
GT-WO1-5S-2 Size: 42" x 24" 7 lbs $59.00 add to basket
GT-WO1-5M-2 Size: 54" x 31"  7 lbs $69.00 add to basket
GT-WO1-5L-2 Size: 63" x 36" 7 lbs $79.00 add to basket
GT-WO1-5X-2 Size: 74" x 42" 7 lbs $89.00 add to basket
  Wood Rail Mounting
Madera Montaje de carril
GT-WO1-5S-3 Size: 42" x 24" 7 lbs $189.00 add to basket
GT-WO1-5M-3 Size: 54" x 31"  18 lbs $199.00 add to basket
GT-WO1-5L-3 Size: 63" x 36" 20 lbs $219.00 add to basket
GT-WO1-5X-3 Size: 74" x 42" 23 lbs $229.00 add to basket
  Repositionable Peel & Stick
Reposicionable cáscara y palo
GT-WO1-5S-5 Size: 42" x 24" 7 lbs $79.00 add to basket
GT-WO1-5M-5 Size: 63" x 36" 7 lbs $99.00 add to basket
GT-WO1-5L-5 Size: 74" x 42" 7 lbs $129.00 add to basket
GT-WO1-5X-5 Size: 105" x 60" 20 lbs $229.00 add to basket

This map is also available in English

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Contemporary World Wall Map

Wall Map with Eyelets

Map is fully laminated using high quality 3 mil hot lamination, front and back. Eyelets are added to the map providing reinforced hanging points for pushpins.

The maps surface can be written on with a dry or wet erase marker.
Laminated with Eyelets
Laminated w/ Eyelets
Repositionable Peel & Stick

Simply peel and stick!

Utilizing new printing media technology the map is printed on a durable repositionable self-adhesive fabric. Map is resistant to water, wrinkles, and tears. You can stick the map onto any wall without the need for screws, tape, or push-pins. Simply peel it off and re-apply it to another location or store it away.
Peel and Stick
Repositionable Peel & Stick
Wooden Rails

Add a nice clean, finished look to the map with wooden rails mounted to the top and bottom. Wood rails offer an easy hanging option using a durable hanging cord to display the map. Easy to store away when not in use. An excellent low cost alternative to framing.
Wood Rails
Wooden Rails
Poster Print

Map poster is printed on premium, heavyweight 48 lb paper. Premium coated stock has a slight water resistance, but is otherwise an untreated raw print suitable for hanging with pushpins or for framing at your local frame shop.
Plain Paper
Plain Paper
Finishing Options