Economy Stacked U.S. & World Physical Maps from Klett-Perthes

Shipping Weight:
5.00 pounds
Starting at $110.00


A fantastic new economical map series features World and U.S. physical maps on a single laminated sheet mounted on a classroom spring roller. Stacked U.S. and World maps are an excellent value for schools on a budget.

Pull the map halfway down to show just the United States, or all the way down to have access to both maps simultaneously. Since most combination maps have each map on a separate sheet, this configuration is an added convenience to have quick access to both maps at once.

Physical information includes land elevation, water depth, topographical relief shading, and state and national boundaries outlined. Physical map also includes detailed insets of the Polar regions.

Each map is fully laminated and available as an un-mounted laminated wall map or mounted on a durable metal spring roller with metal backboard. Spring roller mounted maps are ready to hang on existing classroom map mounting hardware, or mounting hardware can be purchased separately.

Dimensions of Stacked Maps: 51" x 70"