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The World 1690 - Fabric Giclee Print Wall Map Mural

An exceptionally detailed giclee printed reproduction map of the world dated 1690. During the 17th century, a period when mapmaking was truly flourishing,  Amsterdam was at the forefront of cartography. Maps of far off lands had to be updated constantly as new data and details were provided by explorers and merchants. Uncharted areas were often left as blank spots to be later filled in new revisions. Joan Blaeu was one of the first to adopt this system of mapping the world in its full extent and published a gigantic world map in 1648. Here we present a near copy of Blaeu's original 1648 world map reproduced from a map published in 1690 by Gerrit or Gerard van Schagen of Amsterdam. The original of this facsimile consisted of 12 segments, printed from 11 engraved copper plates. The only known original in existence is apart of the archives at the University Library of Amsterdam's Special Collections Department. This reproduction was produced in conjunction with the university.

Our glorious reproduction is hand printed on durable waterproof fabric in two in separate panels. UV resistant fabric prevents fading over time. French finished cherry wood slats mounted at the top and bottom of each panel allow for easy hanging. Mounting hardware is included. The finished product is a museum quality giclee print suitable for display in the most prestigious of art galleries.

World 1690 Fabric Giclee Mural
Item: AM-MC810
Size: 78.75" x 56.75" (6'7" x 4'9")
Price: $550.00
Shipping weight: 15 lbs


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