Belgium Political Educational Map from Academia Maps

An excellent wall map for the classroom, this political map of Belgium features comprehensive content, making it ideal for teaching students in grades 6-12+. This classroom map is available in the following options: laminated print with grommets, printed on repositionable peel and stick fabric, mounted on wooden rails, or mounted on a pull-down spring roller. Spring roller maps are ready to hang on existing classroom map mounting hardware, or mounting hardware can be purchased separately.

The population of Belgium was reported as 11,198,638 in the 2014 Census.  The country's largest city is its capital city, Brussels, with a population of 1,830,000.
Belgium Coordinates:  50.8500° N, 4.3500° E
Total land area:  11,787 sq. miles.

The Academia Belgium Political classroom map colorfully displays regions in contrasting colors making political boundaries easy to identify. Major cities, national capitals, rivers, lakes, main roads, mountain peaks and latitude/longitude lines are indicated on the map. Map is politically up-to-date with the latest international name changes.

Key Features:
  • Laminated with a markable washable surface.
  • Multiple economical mounting options to fit your budget.
  • Great for teaching social studies or geography to grades 6-12+
  • Bold easy to read text labels.

Item# Description Weight Price Order Below
Laminated w/ Grommets
AC-EUBG1-1M-2 Size: 50" x 36" 4 lbs $79.00 add to basket
AC-EUBG1-1L-2 Size: 60" x 42" 6 lbs $89.00 add to basket
  Peel & Stick*
AC-EUBG1-1M-5 Size: 50" x 36" 7 lbs $109.00 add to basket
AC-EUBG1-1L-5 Size: 60" x 42" 7 lbs $139.00 add to basket
  Wood Rail Mounting
AC-EUBG1-1M-3 Size: 50" x 36" 7 lbs $199.00 add to basket
AC-EUBG1-1L-3 Size: 60" x 42" 10 lbs $209.00 add to basket
Spring Roller Mounting
AC-EUBG1-1M-4 Size: 50" x 36" 8 lbs $249.00 add to basket
AC-EUBG1-1L-4 Size: 63" x 45" 12 lbs $329.00 add to basket

*Features non-laminated finish, not dry-erase markable.

Also Available: Mounts and racks for mounting and displaying pull-down spring roller maps.
Map mounting hardware and racks

Wall Map with Grommets

Map is fully laminated using high quality 3 mil hot lamination, front and back. Grommets are added to the map providing reinforced hanging points. Perfect for easily mounting the map to any wall using adhesive backed hooks.

The maps surface can be written on with a dry or wet erase marker. An excellent economical classroom map option.
Laminated with Grommets
Repositionable Peel & Stick

Simply peel and stick!

Utilizing new printing media technology the map is printed on a durable repositionable self-adhesive fabric. Map is resistant to water, wrinkles, and tears. You can stick the map onto any wall without the need for screws, tape, or push-pins. Simply peel it off and re-apply it to another location or store it away. Great for sticking a map to a classroom whiteboard.
Peel and Stick
Repositionable Peel & Stick
Wooden Rails

Add a nice clean, finished look to the map with wooden rails mounted to the top and bottom. Wood rails offer an easy hanging option using a durable hanging cord to display the map. Easy to store away when not in use. An excellent low cost alternative to spring roller mounted maps.
Wood Rails
Wooden Rails
Spring Roller

Map is mounted onto a standard classroom pull-down spring roller with metal backboard. The durable spring roller can be mounted using an existing map rail or mounting bracket in the classroom or purchasing one of our spring roller mounting options.

Map stays readily accessible when you need it and easily rolls up out of the way when not in use.
Spring Roller
Spring Roller
Mounting Options

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