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United States Geophysical Raised Relief Map

A stunningly detailed 3D raised relief map of the United States. The map features raised relief detail of both topography and bathymetry for the 48 contiguous U.S. states and surrounding waters. Vacuum formed 3-dimensional relief allows you to literally run your fingers over the maps surface to feel elevation changes across the U.S. terrain. Explore mountain ranges, valleys, plains and other landforms in three dimensions.

An impressive 3-D wall map that is great for classroom learning as well as display in your home, office, or library. The U.S. raised relief map is available unframed, mounted on foam-board, or in a black anodized aluminum frame.

Size: 42" x 30"

Key Features:
  • Colorful hypsometric tints indicate elevations and water depth.
  • Geophysical features labeled including: mountain ranges and peaks, rivers, lakes, deserts, and other geographic regions.
  • Labeling of states, as well as state capitals and major cities.
  • U.S. state and international boundaries outlined.
  • Horizontal Scale: 1:4,366,000 (1" = 69 miles)
  • Vertical Exaggeration, Topography: 12x (1" = 30,300 feet)
  • Vertical Exaggeration, Bathymetry: 8x (1" = 45,500 feet)

Item# Description Ship Weight Price Order Below
SU0045A-UF Unframed: 42" x 30"  26 lbs $105.95 add to basket
SU0045B-FB Foam-Board Mount: 42" x 30" 28 lbs $152.95 add to basket
SU0045C-BA Black Metal Frame: 42" x 30" 30 lbs $303.95 add to basket