Historic Map - Marquette, MI - 1897

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View of Marquette, Marquette County, M.I., 1897

This panoramic view print of Marquette, Michigan and vicinity was drawn and published in 1897. Marquette was established along Lake Superior in the 1840's when iron ore was discovered in the area.

Iron was determined to be just below sod-level throughout the Marquette Range and mining began immediately as the iron and steel industry began to flourish in the Great Lakes region.

Railroad lines were built between the mines and shipping docks were built out over the lake for the raw ore’s transportation to other areas of the country. The early docks required manual labor to off-load ore from railroad cars to shipping vessels using wheelbarrows.

Later the railroad devised jennie-cars, which discharged the ore directly onto the ships from, what were called, pocket docks. Marquette prospered greatly because of the mining industry.

Marquette University was established in 1881 as Marquette College. In the late 1800's, Marquette became a popular summer vacation destination with numerous luxury hotels and resorts.

The map includes labeled streets, buildings, wharves and railroad routes. Featured are inset illustrations of Marquette in 1849 and Branch State’s Prison.

Features references to the following locations:

Hotel Superior.
F. H. Begole Lumber Co. Plant.
Standard Oil Co. Office.
Marquette Gas Co. Works.
D. S. S. & A. Freight Depot.
Lake Superior Carriage Works.
First Ward School House.
Marquette Hotel.
St. Mary’s Hospital.
St. Joseph Convent.
St. Peter’s Cathedral.
Marquette County Jail.
Marquette County Court House.
D. S. S. & A. Passenger Depot.
City Fire Department.
Brunswick Hotel.
First National Bank.
Pickands & Co. Coal Dock.
Bertha Block.
D. S. S. & A. Ore Shipping Office.
1, 2, 3 D. S. S. & A. Ore Docks.
Marquette County Savings Bank.
Lake Shore Iron Works.
J. M. Wilkinson Bank.
Marquette Club Rooms.
Presbyterian Church.
Baptist Church.
Harlow Block.
Fraternity Block.
Ely School Building.
New Clifton Hotel.
Upper Peninsula Business College.
Opera House.
Mining Journal Building.
Nester Block.
Federal Building.
City Hall.
French Catholic Church.
D. S. S. & A. Shops.
Fifth Ward School House.
F. W. Read & Co. Lumber Yard and Office.
Michigan Polygonal Turing Co.
Meeske Brewing Co. Plant.
Swedish M. E. Church.
Fourth Street School House.
Third Street School House.
German Lutheran Church.
Swedish Lutheran Church.
First M. E. Church.
St. Paul’s Episcopal Church.
High School Building.
J. M. Longyear Residence.
City Water Works.
Stafford’s Green Houses.
County Fair Buildings.
Street Railway Power House and Barn.
L. S. Powder Works.
Cleveland Saw Mill Lumber Co. Plant.
Lake Superior and Ishpeming Railway Ore Dock.

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