Pennsylvania Political State Map from Compart

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7.00 pounds
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This vibrantly colored wall map of Pennsylvania features state county boundaries clearly illustrated using shaded outlines in contrasting colors. A wide array of information is presented in a clear and concise manner using attractive easy-to-read fonts with various features on the map clearly differentiated.

A comprehensive city and county index makes it easy to locate major cities on the map. A great reference map for use in the home, a business, or teaching Pennsylvania state geography.

 Key Features:
  • Laminated with a markable washable surface.
  • Multiple economical mounting options to fit your budget.
  • Cities and towns labeled. County boundaries
  • Lakes, Rivers, Mountain Ranges and Peaks.
  • National Parks, wildlife areas, state parks labeled.
  • Points of Interest, Landmarks, and Recreation.
  • Interstate Freeways, U.S. Routes, and State Routes.
  • Monthly low and high temperatures for major cities.
  • Map legend with state flag and seal.

This Pennsylvania state wall map is laminated and can be marked on with a dry or wet erase marker. Choose from three sizes in a variety of mounting options including: non-laminated print, laminated print with grommets, repositionable peel and stick fabric print, or wooden rail mounting.