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Globe Lesson 10 - Latitude Zones - Grade 6+

Geographers divide the Earth into latitude zones. There are three latitude zones:


- Low latitude zones
- Middle latitude zones
- High latitude zones


There are 90 degrees of latitude. Each zone of latitude is 30 degrees wide. The Equator is 0 degrees. 0 to 30 are low numbers, 30-60 are middle numbers, and 60 to 90 are high numbers. This chart shows the arrangement of the zones in the Northern Hemisphere.


Write in high, middle, and low latitude zones in the proper order in the Southern Hemisphere. Remember that the Equator is latitude 0 and the South Pole is latitude 90.


Find the 180th meridian on your globe. On this line you will find the numbers of the printed parallels. Find 30 and 60 degrees north latitude. Draw a line of dashes around your globe on these lines. Find 30 and 60 degrees south latitude. Draw a line of dashes on these lines. These parallels divide the latitude zones. Label the zones Low, Middle and High in both the Northern and Southern Hemisphere on your globe.


Finding Latitude Zones
4. In the following exercise identify the latitude with the proper latitude zone. "L" stands for low latitudes. "M" stands for middle latitudes. "H" stands for high latitudes.


______ 35N   ______ 23N   ______ 86N   ______ 15N
______ 66N   ______ 45N   ______ 28N   ______ 5N


5. In the following exercise, identify each city with the latitude zone where you find it. "L" stands for low latitudes. "M" stands for middle latitudes. "H" stands for high latitudes.


______ Cape Town, South Africa ______ Miami, Florida
______ Anchorage, Alaska ______ Cairo, Egypt
______ Buenos Aires, Argentina ______ Mexico City, Mexico
______ London, United Kingdom ______ Edmonton, Alberta
______ Chicago, Illinois ______ Honolulu, Hawaii
______ Kinshasa, Zaire ______ Sydney, Australia
______ Hanoi, Viet Nam ______ Tokyo, Japan


6. Locate and name the only South American nation that is entirely in the Middle Latitudes.





7. Locate and name the only nation on the continent of Africa that is entirely within the Middle latitude zone.



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