World Map and Globe - Lesson 12  (K-3)

Seas, Gulfs, and Bays
Objectives The students will learn the definitions of gulf, bay and sea.
  The students will locate examples of gulfs, bays, and seas on the World Map.
Vocabulary sea, gulf, bay
Materials Needed World Political Map, globe, map marker



Write the words sea, gulf and bay on the board. Tell the students the meaning of each term. A sea is a large body of salt water, smaller than an ocean. A gulf is a larger body of water, usually an ocean or sea. A gulf makes an indentation in the coastline. A bay looks like a gulf, but is usually smaller.


As you explain the terms to the students, have the World Map pulled down. Each time you give the definition of a term, be prepared to show the students a specific example. Examples to be used might be: The Caribbean Sea, Gulf of Mexico, and Hudson Bay.


As you mark these examples on the map, have one student locate the same features on the globe. Use the map and globe to identify other examples. Start with Africa and list on the chalk board the seas, gulfs, and bays that touch Africa. If time allows, follow the same procedure for other continents. Have the students use both the World Map and the globe.


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