Map Books & Reference Atlases

Hand-selected collection of books and atlases combining magnificent imagery with detailed information, sure to delight and educate for years to come. Enjoy the beauty and accuracy of National Geographic's world-renowned maps and illustrations, books by Frank Jacobs, Judith Schalansky, and more. A world atlas is the perfect companion to a world map or globe, providing highly detailed maps to allow even deeper global exploration and research.

National Geographic World Atlas
National Geographic
of the World, 10th Edition


National Geographic
Family Reference Atlas of the World

National Geographic
Almanac of Geography


National Geographic
The Hubble Cosmos

The Complete National Geographic
Every Issue Since 1888

National Geographic
Atlas of Indian Nations

Atlas of Remote Islands
by Judith Schalansky

Strange Maps
by Frank Jacobs

Earth From Space
by Yann Arthus Bertrand
CA-Lost treasure book
Lost Treasures of California
Map and Guide

Great for CA locals and history buffs!

Transit Maps of the World
by Mark Ovenden