Starter Classroom Package from Academia Maps

This classroom educational package includes a beginner World and United States map mounted on a single spring roller assembly along with a 25" Hugg-a-Planet globe. A great all-in-one school package to enhance classroom learning.

The Academia Starter Map series are ideal introductory maps for students in grades pre-K through first grade. Simplified labeling and easy-to-identify land masses make the map perfect for a students first geography lesson.

World map features easily identifiable continents in bright contrasting colors with bold text labels identifying continents, oceans, and countries. United States map displays states in contrasting colors with state names and capital cities labeled.

The 25" globe included in this package features basic political details for younger students. The large globe is soft like a pillow making it very approachable to kids. Features 600 place names. Learn more about the Hugg-a-planet here.

Key Features:
  • 25" Soft plush globe.
  • Clear, simple cartography for early learners pre-K to 1st grade.
  • Bold easy to read text labels with colorful map legend.
  • Fully laminated markable, washable surface.

Item# Description Weight Price Order Below
Spring Roller Mounted Combo w/ 25" Globe
AC-PACK3-1M-4 Size: 51" x 45" 16 lbs $379.00 add to basket
AC-PACK3-1L-4 Size: 63" x 54" 18 lbs $459.00 add to basket

This Package is Also Available in Economical Versions Starting at $184.00

Also Available: Mounts and racks for mounting and displaying pull-down spring roller maps.
Map mounting hardware and racks

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