Historic Map - Fall River, MA - 1877

View of Fall River, Bristol County, M.A., 1877 / drawn & published by O. H. Bailey & J. C. Hazen.

This bird’s-eye view print of Fall River, Massachusetts was drawn and published by O. H. Bailey & J. C. Hazen in 1877. The township of Fall River was settled in 1670 along the eastern shore of Mount Hope Bay. The waterways of the area provided ample water-power for the establishment of several textile mills at that location during the 1800's.

The community, served by the Old Colony Railroad, prospered greatly as a result of the mills. The town's deep-water port enabled cotton goods to be shipped easily, and as a result, Fall River mills were able to gain much momentum during the American Civil War.

Granite was also quarried extensively at Fall River and much of the early town was built using it.

The illustration includes labeled streets, buildings, bridges, waterways and railroad route. Port activities of Mount Hope Bay are displayed in the foreground including featured steamers “Bristol” and “Providence”.

Features references to the following locations:

American Print Works. Thos. J. Borden, Agt. & Treas.
American Linen Co. Waller Paine 3rd, Agt.
Fall River Iron Works Co. Robt. C. Brown, Agt.
Old Colony Steam Boat Co. J. H. Jordan, Agt.
Metacomet Mill. Thos. S. Borden, Agt.
Annawan Mfg. Co. Thos. S. Borden, Treas.
Fall River Print Works. Andrew Robeson, Treas.
Pocasset Mfg. Co. B. D. Davol, Treas.
Troy Cotton & Woolen Mfg. Co. R. B. Borden, Treas.
Richard Borden Mfg. Co. R. B. Borden, Treas.
Union Mill Co. S. A. Chace, Treas.
Fall River Mfy. S. A. Chace, Treas.
Durfee Mills. David A. Brayton, Treas.
Crescent Mills. A. S. Covel, Treas.
Granite Mills. Charles M. Shove, Treas.
Merchants Mfg. Co. Wm. H. Jenning, Treas.
Stafford Mills. F. H. Stafford, Pres. & Agt.
Barnard Mfg. Co. Nathanial B. Borden, Treas.
Wampanaug Mills. Walter C. Durfee, Treas.
Flint Mills. Geo. H. Eddy, Treas.
Fall River Marine Co. S. H. Wetherbee, Treas.
Chace Mills. Augustus Chace, Pres.
Wyoming Mills. Augustus Chace, Owner.
Davol Mills. Wm. C. Davol, Jr., Treas.
Robeson Mills. Louis Robeson, Treas.
Tecumseh Mills. S. B. Chase, Treas.
Mechanics Mills. Geo. B. Durfee, Treas.
Weelamer Mills. Wm. Lindsley, Treas.
Sagamore Mills. Geo. T. Hathaway, Treas.
Border City Mills. Geo. T. Hathaway, Treas.
Narragansett Mills. James Waring, Treas.
Slade Mills. Henry S. Fenner, Treas.
King Phillip Mills. E. C. Kilburn, Treas.
Shove Mills. Geo. A. Chace, Treas.
Osborn Mills. Joseph Healey, Treas.
Montaup Mills. Isaac Borden, Treas.
Fall River Bleachery. Spencer Borden, Treas.
Fall River Spool & Boffin Co. N. B. Everett, Treas.
Mount Hope Mill. Jefferson Borden, Treas.
Union Belt Co. W. H. Chace, Treas.
Manufacturers Gas Co. C. P. Stickney, Treas.
Jesse Eddy’s Sons, Woolen Mfrs.
Marvel, Davol & Co. Builders of all kinds of Cotton Machinery.
Kilburn, Lincoln & Co. Mfrs. of Turbine Water Wheels, Cotton Looms, etc.
Kendrick Loom & Harness Co.
Geo. W. Frye, Wholesale & Retail Dealer in all kinds of Oils.
Cook, Borden & Co. Dealer in Lumber, Wholesale & Retail.
Miller & Co. Lumber Dealer.
Pocasset Coal Co. I. T. Haddock, Agt.
B. Earl & Son. Booksellers & Stationers.
Sanford & Covel Co. Mill Supplies & Hardware.
H. C. Hawkins & Bro. Wholesale Grocers.
Butterworth, Wilber & Co. Soap Mfrs.
Hargraves Mfg. Co. Soap Mfrs.
Geo. B. Jones. One Price Clothiers, Borden Block.
Parker Borden, Music Rooms.
City Hall.
Custom House & Post Office.
Academy of Music. Borden Block. C. H. Smith, Treas.
Water Works.
High & Public Schools.
Historic Map – Fall River, MA - 1877

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