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Raised Relief Maps


Vermont and New Hampshire Reference Wall Map from GeoNova

This colorful and detailed map of Vermont and New Hampshire allows you to easily identify major thoroughfares, highways, freeways, major streets, national parks, landmarks, rivers, and major bodies of water. Shaded relief provides a 3-D visual representation of topography in Vermont and New Hampshire. Color indexed areas indicate national forests, state parks, urban areas, and large incorporated cities. State counties are labeled and boundaries are outlined. Comprehensive city and county index makes it easy to locate even the smallest town.

With an extensive amount of geographic information on the states of Vermont and New Hampshire, this is an ideal map for state classroom studies. Also an excellent reference map for commercial business needs or personal home use.

Laminated state maps can be marked on with a dry or wet erase marker. Choose from a variety of economical finishing options including spring roller mounting. Spring roller maps are ready to hang on existing map mounting hardware, or mounting hardware can be purchased separately.

Key Features:
  • Cities, Towns, County Names and Boundaries.
  • Lakes, Rivers, Mountain Ranges and Peaks.
  • National Forests, Wildlife Reserves, State Parks.
  • Urban Aggregation, County Borders.
  • Airports, Points of Interest, Landmarks, and Recreation.
  • Freeways, Primary & Secondary Highways, Major Roads.
  • City inset maps of Burlington, Montpelier / Barre, Rochester, Concord, Manchester, Portsmouth, Nashua.

Item# Description Weight Price Order Below
Laminated w/ Grommets
GT-NH-VT1-1M-2 Size: 51" x 38"  4 lbs $109.00 add to basket
GT-NH-VT1-1L-2 Size: 60" x 45" 6 lbs $139.00 add to basket
  Peel and Stick*
GT-NH-VT1-1M-5 Size: 51" x 38" 5 lbs $149.00 add to basket
GT-NH-VT1-1L-5 Size: 60" x 45" 7 lbs $189.00 add to basket
  Wood Rail Mounting
GT-NH-VT1-1M-3 Size: 51" x 38" 7 lbs $199.00 add to basket
GT-NH-VT1-1L-3 Size: 60" x 45" 10 lbs $209.00 add to basket
  Spring Roller Mounting
GT-NH-VT1-1M-4 Size: 51" x 38" 8 lbs $249.00 add to basket
GT-NH-VT1-1L-4 Size: 63" x 47" 12 lbs $329.00 add to basket

*Features non-laminated finish, not dry-erase markable.

Also Available: Mounts and racks for mounting and displaying pull-down spring roller maps.
Map mounting hardware and racks

Wall Map with Grommets

Map is fully laminated using high quality 3 mil hot lamination, front and back. Grommets are added to the map providing reinforced hanging points. Perfect for easily mounting the map to any wall using adhesive backed hooks.

The maps surface can be written on with a dry or wet erase marker. An excellent economical classroom map option.

Includes plastic adhesive backed hooks to hang the map from.
Laminated with Grommets
Repositionable Peel & Stick

Simply peel and stick!

Utilizing new printing media technology the map is printed on a durable repositionable self-adhesive fabric. Map is resistant to water, wrinkles, and tears. You can stick the map onto any wall without the need for screws, tape, or push-pins. Simply peel it off and re-apply it to another location or store it away. Great for sticking a map to a classroom whiteboard.
Peel and Stick
Repositionable Peel & Stick
Wooden Rails

Add a nice clean, finished look to the map with wooden rails mounted to the top and bottom. Wood rails offer an easy hanging option using a durable hanging cord to display the map. Easy to store away when not in use. An excellent low cost alternative to spring roller mounted maps.
Wood Rails
Wooden Rails
Spring Roller

Map is mounted onto a standard classroom pull-down spring roller with metal backboard. The durable spring roller can be mounted using an existing map rail or mounting bracket in the classroom or purchasing one of our spring roller mounting options.

Map stays readily accessible when you need it and easily rolls up out of the way when not in use.
Spring Roller
Spring Roller
Finishing Options



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