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Gift Ideas for Map Enthusiasts

Gift ideas map lovers will love!

Raised Relief Maps
Holiday Globe Ornaments - Globe Decorations
Holiday Globe Ornaments

Puzzle Globes and Puzzle Maps
Solar-Powered Spinning Globe - Satellite Image Globe
Solar-Powered Spinning Globes
Self-Rotating Globes - In 12 Styles

The Complete National Geographic
Every Issue Since 1888

Giant World Map Puzzle & Play Mat
6' 6" x 4'

Globe Jewelry - Globe Earrings

Globe Jewelry
Several Styles Available
Shower Curtain Maps
Map Shower Curtains
talking globes
Geography Games
Talking Globes

Old World Map Lamp
Old World Map Lamp
 Old World Map Lamp
1970's World Map Lamp
world map wall mural
World Map Wall Murals
Several styles and sizes to choose from

5" Lighted Round Magnifier
with Bifocal Inlay

Lighted Rectangular Magnifier

3" Ultradome Magnifier

Old World Map Treasure Chest
2 Sizes Available
Historical Maps of the World
Historical Maps of the World
For the history buff.

Old World Map Book Box Set

Old World Map Nesting Trunks
Old World Map Wine Box

Old World Map Clock

Map Wheel - Map Measuring Tool
Measure Distance on a Map

Old World Map Wine Chest
USA License Plate Map
USA License Plate Map
Reproduction Print on Wood Frame

Old World Map Necktie

National Geographic - Reference Atlases
National Geographic
Reference Atlases

Portuguese Nautical Map Necktie

Illuminated Maps - World Map and USA Map
Illuminated Maps
Light-up Maps!  Show locations
with points of light

Anti-gravity Globes - Levitating Globes
Amazing Anti-gravity Globes
Levitating Globes
Great gift for the scientific mind.

A World Globe
Makes an Ideal Gift
16" Floor Globes
1-World Globes
"The Gift of Knowledge"

Brushed Steel Hemispheres Wall Sculpture
27" diameter for each sphere
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Oval World Map Sculpture