Scalex Map Wheel

Shipping Weight:
2.00 pounds
Starting at $40.95

Easily calculate distances between two points on a globe or map with the Scalex MapWheel digital measuring device. Simply enter the scale that matches your map and roll the MapWheel along the route you wish to measure to instantly display the distance in miles, kilometers, or nautical miles. Perfect for use by boaters, RV users, campers, map enthusiasts, or any travelers. Also great for when you are traveling on the road and wish to calculate the shortest route on your road map. The map wheel is also a great classroom educational tool to assist in the teaching of scale and distance on maps.
The Scalex MapWheel features the following functions:

  • 19 built in scales to choose from(listed in the manual)
  • Clear audible tone indicates wheel movement
  • Automatic shut-off to save batteries
  • Option to enter and store your own scales manually
  • Auto-scale feature allows you to set the scale from a known distance. Useful for maps without a scale and enlarged or reduced maps.
  • Counter and adder buttons on probe tip allow you to count stops made or add fixed destination lengths as you measure
  • LCD display shows length, count, and scale factor simultaneously
  • Low battery life indicator
  • Uses two AAA batteries (included)
  • One year limited warranty

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Accuracy: +/- 0.25%
Resolution: 1.0mm (.04")