Historic Map - Torrington, CT - 1907

Bird's eye view of Torrington, Connecticut 1907. By O. H. Bailey.

Reproduction bird's-eye view of the community known as Torrington, CT, published by O. H. Bailey in 1907. The former mill town's booster states:

"Torrington is one of the most progressive, healthful and fast growing towns of the State. With a population of 16,000 it has a number of varied, extensive and prosperous industries including the greatest Brass Manufacturing plant in the world, and large manufactories of Machinery, Hardware, Needles, Ice and Roller Skates, etc., with an annual pay-roll of near $4,000,000. Sound Banks with ample capital and liberal management. Largest and best mercantile houses in the county.

City Hall, Post Office, Fire Department, Public Library and School buildings are among the recent improvements. It has well laid out macadamized streets, excellent water service, gas and electric lights, good steam and electric railroad connections and freight accommodations. Efficient school and church advantages and live, active Business Mens' Association ready to invite and assist any enterprise favorable to the welfare of the city."

The map features clearly labeled street names with lively scenes of railroad, carriage, automobile and pedestrian traffic.  

Complete reference list below.

Map includes references to the following important people and places:

Warden...............................Wm. H. Dayton
Burgesess..........................Edmund Wall, W. P. Norton,
                                            J. H. Baeder, R. C. Blakeslee,
                                            J. L. Farley, Leon Ruot
Clerk...................................Hugh W. Cronin
Treasurer............................I. W. Brooks
Sheriff.................................Chas. W. Stickles
Collector.............................Fred'k O. Hills
Assessors...........................L. M. Bowers, P. Gleeson
Auditors...............................W. H. Rippere, M. V. Whelan
Medical Examiner...............Dr. T. S. Hanchett
Health Officer......................Dr. Elias Pratt
Chief of Police.................... L. F. Hull
City Engineer Fire Dep't......W. H. Dayton
Postmaster..........................Jas. W. Hague
Sup't of Schools...................Edw. H. Forbes, Ph. D.
Secretary Y. M. C. A. ..........A. H. Wilcox

City Hall, Main Street and City Hall Place
Post Office, 91-93 Water Street, cor. Prospect St.
Public Library, 25 Litchfield St.
High School, cor. Prospect and Church Sts.
Episcopal Church, cor. Water and Prospect Sts.
Methodist Episcopal Church, 137 Main Street
Congregational Church, 210 Main St., cor. Church St.
Catholic Church, 215 Main Street
Baptist Church, 107 Prospect St.
Adv. Evan. Luth. Church, 81 So. Main St.
Y. M. C. A. Building, Main Street, opp. M. E. Church

Features inset illustrations or photographs of:

Torrington Post Office
Torrington Nat'l Bank
Episcopal Church
Congregational Church
Torrington Public Library
City Hall
Fire Dept. Building
Catholic Church
John Brown's Birthplace along with North School
South West School and Y. M. C. A. Building
Morrison Building
Agard Block
Progressive Mfg. Co.
The Warrenton Woolen Co.
The Torrington Mfg. Co.
The Hotchkiss Bros. Co.
The Coe Brass Mfg. Co.
Union Hardware Co.
The Turner & Seymour Mfg. Co.
The Hendey Machine Co.
The Bronson Lumber & Coal Co.
Hotel Raymond, H. M. Hogan, Propr.
T. J. Stone
F. U. Wadhams
Excelsior Laundry
C. C. Haight
Caesar A. Rossi
Standard Market
The Torrington Lumber Co.
The Standard Mfg. Co.
Thos. Pullin
John De Michiel & Bros.
S. D. Doolittle & Son
Louis Longhi & Bro.
Peter Paul's Store
A. H. Tromel and Wolf Building
T. A. Racheter, Archt.

Torrington Businesses and places referenced on map:

Agard Hardware Co. 56-58 Main St., 15 Water St.
Albee Studio, The. Photography. 45 Water St.
American Baking Co. F. Carlin & Bro., Prop. 32 S. Main St.
Baeder, J. H. Builder of all kinds of wagons. Automobile Work, Horseshoeing. 101-1-3 E. Main St.
Baldauf, J. F. House Painter and Interior Decorator. 74 Water St.
Baldwin, L. I. Marble and Granite Works. 172 Pearl St.
Barber, Willard V. Hardware & Plumbing. 43 E. Main St.
Barton, J. D. Choice Groceries. 12 James St.
Bennett, Clark G. Master Mechanic. Coe Brass Mfg. Co.
Bogardus, L. Insurance and Real Estate. Rooms 2 and 2 1/2. Smith Block
Bowerman & Dwan. Ales, Wines and Liquors. 60 E. Main St.
Brennan, W. F. Staple and Fancy Groceries. 14 Water St.
Brooks National Bank, The. 90 Main St.
Bronson Lumber and Coal Co., The. cor. Brooker and Lewis Sts.
Burns, J. D. Sea Food and Groceries. 175 Litchfield
Cantillion, C. H. Auto and Bicycle Repairs. Victor Talking Machines and Records. 90 S. Main St.
Carroll, James M. Ales, Wines and Liquors. Steamship and Ticket Agent. 144 Church St.
Carroll & Leonard. Wholesale Dealers in Fruits, Produce and Flour. 92 E. Main St.
Chapin, N. B. Stationery, Cameras and Camera Supplies. 56 Water St.
Christine, David. Hair Dressing Parlors. 64 Water St.
Clark, E. T. Sign Painter. Rear, 22 Water St.
Coe Brass Mfg. Co. Mfrs. Brass, Copper, German Silver, etc. 248 Water St.
Conlon, Felix P. Meats and Provisions. 302 Migeon Ave.
Cummings, M. L. Cafe. 22 S. Main St.
Dean, F. T. Groceries, Meat, Vegetables and Fruit. 92 Pearl St.
De Michiel & Bros. Stone Cutters, Carvers and Contractors in Building Stone. 352 High St.
Doolittle, S. D. & Son. Home Made Bakery. Groceries and Ice Cream. Calhoun St., near Main St.
Dougal, C. H. Druggist. 95 Main St.
Doughty, J. A. Coe Brass Mfg. Co.
Dwan Bros. Fresh and Salt Meats. 28 Water St.
Evening Register. Torrington Printing Co. Water St., opp. R. R. Station
Excelsior Laundry. F. P. Latimer, Prop. 113 Franklin St.
Farley, James L. Contractor and Builder. Office and Residence. 283 Prospect St.
Farnham House. George H. Blakeman, Prop. 2 and 4 S. Main St.
Freeland, W. R. Livery, Sale and Exchange Stable. 12 S. Main St.
Fuller, Frank W. Mason, Builder and Contractor. Office, 106 Main St.
Gleeson, William A. Undertaker and Funeral Director. Parlors, 8 Water St.
Goodwin, Walter B. Meats, Groceries and Provisions. 19 Clark St.
Haight, C. C. All kinds of Carriages and Wagons. Gasoline Engines and Supplies. Building Forgings. Carriage Repairing and Painting. 155 Church St.
Halkett, T. C. & Sons. Tailors and Clothiers. 83 Main St.
Harvard, The. Paul Meissner, Prop. 31 e. Main St.
Hendev Machine Co. Machine Tool Mfrs. 72 to 96 Summer St.
Higgins, B. E. Attorney at Law. Agard Block
Hogan's Cafe and Saloon. D. M. Hogan, Prop. 188 Water St.
Hotchkiss Bros. Co., The. Sash, Doors, Blinds, Mouldings, etc. Lumber Dealers. 262-278 Water St.
Hotel Raymond. M. H. Hogan, Prop. 245 Water St.
Hugger, Gustav. Mason and Contractor. 52 E. Albert St.
Iffland, John C. Wood and Lumber. 484 S. Main St.
Jones, John C. Boots, Shoes and Rubbers. 57 Main St.
Kelley, E. J. General Trucking and Baggage Express. Coal and Wood. 28 Water St. and Pulver St.
Kirsch & Racheter. Contractors and Builders. Room 5, Smith Block, 101 Main St.
Knapp, E. Frost. Artistic Furniture, Draperies, Carpets, etc. 133-137 Water St.
Lebrecht, August. Merchant Tailor, Cleaning and Repairing. 53 Main St.
Longhi, Louis & Brother. Masons, Contractors and Builders. Mfrs. of Concrete Building Blocks. Building Sand. 134-141 Hoffman St. Tel. Connection
Malipausks, P. Grocery and Meat Market. cor. Elm St. and Red Mountain Ave.
Mascetti, Joseph. Contractor and Dealer in Granite for all kinds of Building Purposes. 229 Oak St.
McDermott, Mrs. James. Residence. 59 N. Elm St.
McNeil, James F. Groceries, Flour, Feed and Grain. 312 Migeon Ave.
McGuinness, John. Staple and Fancy Groceries. cor. Clark and Field Sts.
Meara Bros. & Co. Clothiers and Outfitters. Meara Block, Main St.
Mella, Anselmo. Contractor. 40 Redmont Ave.
Miran, John J. Lunch and Pool Room. 32 Water St.
Morrison, W. H. Plumbing, Steam Fitting and Tinning, Hardware, Stoves and Ranges. Morrison Block. Water St.
Nelson, W. J. Horse Shoeing. Carriage and Wagon Repairing. 20 Pulver St.
Odeno, G. F. Mfr. Fine Domestic & Havana Cigars. 23 Water St.
O'Meara, J. F. 2nd. The Bridge Market. Choice Meats. 8 Main St.
O'Meara, P. Teas, Coffees and Spices, Crockery Ware. 99 Main St.
O'Meara, P. Clothier, Hatter and Gents' Furnisher. 97 Main St.
Paul, Peter. Wholesale and Retail Confectionery and Fruit Store. Ice Cream. 2 Main St.
Peck, Geo. H. Trucking, Furniture Moving a Specialty. 23 E. Main St.
Perkins, A. H. Livery, Board and Sale Stables. 57 Church St. rear of Farnham House
Perkins, E. A. Electric Co. Electricians and Contractors. 40 Forest St.
Progressive Mfg. Co., The. Engine Builders. Norwood cor. Union St.
Puilin, T. Kerosene, Benzine and Naphtha Oils and Gasoline. Wholesale and Retail. Local and Long Distance Phones. rear 455 Main St.
Pulver, H. & Son. Mfrs. and Dealers in Carriages and Sleighs. Repairing. 23 Pulver St.
Quinn Bros. Mfrs. Fine Havana Cigars. 102 Main St.
Racheter, T. A. Architect. Room 5, Smith Block
Rogenski, Peter. Groceries and Meats. 44 Red Mountain Ave.
Rosenbeck, Henry. Residence. 313 Harwinton St.
Rose, Mrs. M. A. Residence. 251 S. Main St.
Rossi, Caesar A. Mason Contractor and Granite Dealer. Building Sand. 114 Franklin St.
Sico, Liberato. Real Estate and Insurance. Agent for all Steamship Lines. Notary Public. 66 E. Main St.
Smith's Son, James. Paints, Oils and Painters' Supplies. Interior Decorations. 27 Water St.
South End Pharmacy. C. M. Bishop, Prop. S. Main St., cor. Albert St.
Standard Market. Choice Meats and Provisions. N. Ostrofsky, Prop. 28 E. Main St.
St. John, Bela, M. D. Homeopathist and Suggestive Therapeutics. 70 and 72 E. Main St.
Stone, John, 2nd. Fancy Groceries, Provisions, Confectionery, Tobacco and Bakery. 19 Field St.
Stone, T. J. Soda and Mineral Water. 129 Migeon Ave.
Sullo, John D. Teacher of Violin, Mandolin, Guitar and Banjo. Room 17 Lilley Block No. 6
Terry Bros. Fine Cigars Mfrs. and Dealers in Smokers' Materials. 18 Main St.
Tiffany, B. H. Optometrist. Room 9 Agard Block. 17 Water St.
Toillon Bros. Cafe and Bottling. 34-36 S. Main St.
Torrington Building Co. Inc., The. Building Contractors. 262 Water St.
Torrington Electric Light Co., The. Electricity and Gas for Light, Fuel and Power. 5 Litchfield St.
Torrington Ice Co., The. 28 N. Elm St.
Torrington Lumber Co., Inc., The. Farley Place and N. Main St.
Torrington Mfg. Co., The. Mfrs. Special Machinery for Brass and Copper Mills. 73 Franklin St.
Torrington National Bank, The. 39 Water St.
Torrington Savings Bank, The. 84 Main St.
Torrington Upholstering Co. L. M. Bowers. 27 Monroe St.
Torrington Water Co.
Trieschman, W. J. Sewing Machines, Pianos and Organs. Phonographs, Talking Machines, Records of all kinds. Everything in Musical Merchandise. 60-62 Water St.
Tromel, A. H. New England Bakery. 170 S. Main St.
Tunick, Louis. Jeweler and Optician. 10 Water St.
Turner & Seymour Mfg. Co., The. Mfrs. Brass and other metal goods. Gray Iron Castings. Lawton St.
Union Hardware Co., The. Migeon Ave. and N. Elm St.
Volkman, Charles C. Cafe. 37 E. Main St.
Wadhams, F. U. Flour, Feed, Grain, Hay, etc. 99 E. Main St.
Wall, Thomas J. Attorney at Law. 106 Main St.
Warrenton Woolen Co., The. Mfrs. Uniform Goods and Carriage Cloths. 118 Water St.
Weeks, W. A. Florist. 122 Field St.
Whelan & Cummings. Stationers and Newsdealers. 21 Water St.
Williston, Walter A. Civil Engineer and Surveyor. Room 7, 101 Main St.
Witzke & Stoeckert. Domestic and Imported Lager, Ale and Liquors. Bottling a Specialty. 41 E. Main St.
Wolf Block, The. Joe Wolf, Prop. House Furnishing, Carpets, etc. E. Main St.
Y. M. C. A. Building. A. H. Wilcox, General Secretary
Historic Map of Torrington, CT - 1907

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