Historic Map - Oswego, NY - 1855

Oswego, N.Y. / Lewis Bradley del. ; on stone by D.W. Moody.

This reproduction bird's-eye view map of Oswego, New York was drawn on stone by David William Moody and published by Smith Brothers & Co. in 1855. The map provides a look at Oswego from the mouth of the Oswego River at Lake Ontario. Oswego was an important military town in its early days. The British occupied the area during the early 1700's and built Fort Oswego and later Fort Ontario. Fort Ontario is clearly visible on the left cliff of the map. During the French and Indian War, the French defeated the British at the Battle of Fort Oswego. About 1700 prisoners were shipped to Canada and the town was sacked and abandoned for about two years until the British once again occupied it. In the mid-1800's, Oswego quickly adapted to the current hydrotherapy movement and established the Oswego Water Cure health spa.

This beautifully colored map from 1855 shows buildings, streets, bridges and shipping traffic. The steamer "Northerner" is featured in the foreground.

The Temperance Movement was very popular at the time this map was published. In 1850, a parade through Oswego as part of a celebration of the Sons of Temperance was held. Editor of the "New York Tribune", Horace Greeley delivered an address. The text below appeared as a flyer promoting the event in Oswego.

The following text appeared as a flyer promoting the Sons of Temperance in Oswego:

of the
Sons of Temperance,
July 11, 1850,

1. The members of the Grand Division will assemble at Lake Ontario Division room at 9 o'clock A.M.
2. The members of Lake Ontario and Oswego Divisions will meet at Odd Fellows' Hall.
3. Members of the Order residing west of the Oswego River in Oswego County, and Brothers from the adjoining and neighboring counties, and from Canada, will report themselves at the upper room of the City Hall, where will be a Committee to receive them.
4. Brothers residing east of the Oswego River in Oswego County, will report themselves to Thermopylae Division at their room in the third story of the Bates Block, East Oswego.
5. The Cadets of Temperance will assemble at Advent Hall, in the Woodruff Block, West Oswego.
6. All other visitors will report themselves at any of the places named above.

1. Band;
2. Cadets of Temperance;
3. Grand Division of the State of New York, and members of other Grand Divisions;
4. Orators and Clergymen, in carriages;
5. Visiting Divisions;
6. Lake Ontario Division;
7. Thermopylae Division;
8. Oswego Division.

  The Procession will form, under the direction of Robert A. Stitt, Esq., Grand Marshal, and C. S. Comstock, E. Hempstead, and A. F. Smith, Assistant Marshals, precisely at 10 0'clock A.M., in Washington Square, West Oswego, and march as follows: Leave the Public Square on Fourth and Cayuga Sts., go up Cayuga to Fifth St., down Fifth to Van Buren, down Van Buren to Third, up Third to Seneca, down Seneca to First, up First to Bridge, thence across the Bridge to First Street in East Oswego, then down First St. to Cayuga, up Cayuga to Fourth, and up Fourth to the Grove on Oak Hill.

Order of Exercises at the Grove.
1. Music by the Bank;
2. Prayer;
3. Singing of the Opening Ode by the Order;
4. An Address by Bro. Horace Greeley;
5. Music by the Band;
6. An Address by Philip S. White, P. M. W. P.
7. Singing of the Closing Ode by the Order;
8. Benediction.

  The Procession will then re-form in the order above stated, and return via the new bridge to Washington Square, where they will be dismissed."
Historic Map of Oswego, NY - 1855

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