Historic Map - Sheboygan, WI - 1885

Sheboygan, Wis., county seat of Sheboygan Cty. 1885. Drawn by H. Wellge. Beck & Pauli, litho.

This reproduction panoramic map of Sheboygan, Wisconsin was drawn by Henry Wellge and published by Norris, Wellge & Co. in 1885. Sheboygan, county seat for Sheboygan County, was settled in the mid-1800's on Lake Michigan at the mouth of the Sheboygan River, as a farming community raising wheat and cheese. With the addition of the port system, its railroad connections and its industrial craftsmen, Sheboygan earned the nickname "City of Cheese, Chairs and Children".

The map from 1885 features an inset illustration of The Jacob J. Vollrath Manufacturing. Company, makers of gray enameled iron ware. Shown are labeled streets, buildings, shipping traffic and railway route. The map portrays the steamboat "Chicago".

Features numbered references to the following locations:

  1. County Court House
  2. Baptist Church.
  3. Catholic Church.
  4. Grace Episcopal Church.
  5. Trinity Lutheran Church.
  6. St. Peters Lutheran Church.
  7. Methodist Church.
  8. Norwegian Methodist Church.
  9. German Methodist Church.
10. German Reformed Church.
11. Evangelical Society Church.
12. Union Schools
13. Ward Schools
14. Post Office and Custom House
15. Insane Asylum
16. U. S. Life Saving Station No. 16
17. Depots
18. National Democrat Office
19. Sheboygan Herald Office
20. Sheboygan Times Office
21. Sheboygan Zeitung Office
22. Opera House, J. M. Kohler, Manager
23. Pape House, Fred. Pape, Prop.
24. St. Charles Hotel, Chas. Osthelder, Prop.
25. Washington Hotel, A. F. Arnold, Prop.
26. Wilson Home, Henry Speck, Prop.
27. Sheboygan Mfg. Co.
28. Phoenix Chair Co.
29. Crocker Chair Co.
30. Keller Chair Co.
31. The Jacob J. Vollrath Mfg. Co.
32. Frost's Veneer Seating Co.
33. Geo. B. Mattoon Furniture Mf'y.
34. Dillingham & Co. Wooden Ware Mf'y.
35. Kohler, Hayssen & Stehn, Enamel Works, Foundry & Machine Shop
36. David Jenkins, Industrial Works
37. Meyer & Schrage, Foundry and Machine Shop
38. Wm. Elwell & Son, Roller Flour Mills
39. C. T. Roenitz & Son, Tannery
40. Christian Heyer, Tannery
41. Geo. Spratt & Co., Rake and Handle Mfg.
42. Garton & Griffith, Express Wagons, Toys, etc.
43. Ogden & Halsted, Planing Mill
44. John Balzer, Wagon and Carriage Works
45. Charles B. Henchel, Cigar Box Mf'y.
14. G. M. Groh & Bro., Artistic Photographers
46. Bank of Sheboygan
47. M. R. Zaegel & Co., Druggists
48. A. Mahlendorf Jr. & Co., Drugs and Picture Frames
49. A. Trester, Clothier and Merchant Tailors
49. H. & C. Imig, Clothier and Merchant Tailor
51. A. Imig, Jewelry
50. Jacob Imig, Boots and Shoes
52. Henry D. Otten, Dry Goods and Groceries
53. Peter Fegan, Groceries
54. Aug. Trilling, General Merchandise
55. C. Linck & Co., General Merchandise
56. C. Neumeister & Bro., General Merchandise
57. L. A. Descombes, Fancy Crockery
58. J. J. & S. D. Hanchett, Furniture
59. Bandmann Bros., Market
60. Look & Kaas, Hardware, Stoves, etc.
61. H. Rakow, Cigar Manufactory
62. Henry Wiehn, Cigar Manufactory
63. Richard Wagner, Cigar Manufactory
64. A. Goldschmidt & Son, Harnesses and Saloon
65. Chas. Myer, Wines, Liquors and Cigars
66. H. J. Weigand, Wines, Liquors and Cigars
67. Otte & Karste, Livery
21. Sheboygan Mineral Water Co.
68. C. A. Born's Park
69. Frank Gutsch, Waldschloeschen
70. Kroos & Heermann, Groceries and Saloon
71. Gutsch's Brewery
72. Schreier's Brewery
Historic Map of Sheboygan, WI - 1885

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All reproduction prints are printed as "museum quality", using advanced ink formulas and durable museum quality paper.  The reproduction prints reflect the state of repair of the original conserved document. Stains and imperfections reflected in the original map at the time it was collected for conservation are left un-retouched, as they reflect the character and charm of the vintage original. Some major imperfections, such as dark fold lines have been removed when possible.  Maps are printed as ordered and are not returnable unless received damaged.
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