Historic Map - Haverhill, MA - 1893

View of Haverhill, Essex County, M.A., 1893 / drawn & published by O. H. Bailey & Co.

This bird’s-eye view print of Haverhill, Massachusetts was drawn and published by O. H. Bailey & Co. in 1893. Haverhill, located along the Merrimack River, evolved from a farming and ship-building town, into a major shoe-making city in the 1700's.

By the 1890's, the shoe making industry dominated Haverhill. Known for the advancement of turned-shoes, Haverhill manufacturers also produced ladies’ and gents’ fine shoes, boots and slippers. Haverhill was named Queen Slipper City during this era. Tanneries of the town produced quality leathers for use in the factories.

Hat making was also done on a large scale in Haverhill.

The illustration includes labeled streets, buildings, bridges and railroad routes. There are border illustrations of the following:

• F. S. & H. H. Gage, Slipper Mfrs.
• J. H. Osgood, Mfr. Ladies’ & Gents’ Slippers.
• Chas. K. Fox, Shoe Mfr.
• G. W. Gilbert & Co., Soles, Taps & Stiffenings.
• G. A. R. Building.
• Odd Fellows Building.
• Masonic Building.
• Rosemont
• Haverhill Post Office.
• Residence of R. Webster.
• Whittier’s Birthplace.
• Residence of J. H. Winchell.
• Residence of H. L. Perkins.
• First Baptist Church.
• North Church.
• Public Library.
• City Hall.
• High School.
• Centre Church.
• St. James R. C. Church.
• Universalist Church.
• French Catholic Church.
• Residence of D. S. Currier.
• Residence of Geo. A. Hall.
• Residence of M. C. Cram.
• Nicholsville.
• City Hospital.
• Old Ladies’ Home.
• Children’s Home.
• J. K. Hayes, Jr. Mfr. Of Slippers.
• “The Bartlett”.
• Simonds & Adams, Dry Goods.
• The Cummings. Weeks, Cummings & Co.
• Academy of Music.
• A. J. Tilton Shoe Factory.
• Gale Shoe Manufacturing Co.
• Blake Bros., Shoe Manufacturers.
• Field, Thayer Mfg. Co. Mfrs, Boots & Shoes.
• J. H. Winchell & Co. Shoe Manufacturers.
• Webster Block.
• Thomas S. Ruddock & Son, Mfrs., Shoes & Slippers.
• J. H. Durgin & Son, Mfrs., Fine Shoes & Slippers. Established 1843.
• Ellis & Mason, Cut Sole Factory.
• Daggett Building.
• Perkins the Tailor.
• W. W. Spaulding, Mfr. Women’s’ Shoes.
• Spaulding & Swett, Mfrs. of Ladies’ & Gents’ Slippers.
• John W. Ross, Mfr. Men’s’ & Women’s’ Calf & Buff Shoes.
• D. S. Short, Slipper Mfr.
• Knipe Bros., Shoemakers.
• W. B. Thom & Co., Mfrs. Fur & Wool Hats.
• Chas. E. Greenman, Soles & Leather.
• Hazen B. Goodrich & Co., Shoe Mfrs.
• F. E. Hutchinson, Shoes for Little People.
• Woodman & Howes, Mfrs. Fine Hand Turned Slipperware.
• Wm. Bray & Co., Caterers.
• Aetna Hotel.
• Searl & Webster, Mfrs. Ladies’ Fine Shoes.
• E. S. Harris, Boots, Shoes & Slippers. E. H. Emerson & Co., Mfrs. Slippers. W. F. Evans, Mfr. Shoes.
• A. W. Greeley, Slipper Mfr.
• Chas. W. Arnold, Cut Soles & Leatherware.
• H. C. Sargent, Maker of Shoes.
• M. C. Cram, Mfr. Of Ladies’ & Gents’ Fine Slippers.
• Webster & Tabor, Mfrs. Fine Shoes & Slippers.

Features references to the following locations:

City Hall.
Government Building & Post Office.
Public Library.
City Hospital.
Children’s Home.
Old Ladies’ Home.
North Church.
Baptist Church.
Centre Church.
First Church.
Trinity Church.
Wesley Methodist Church.
Grace Methodist Church.
Universalist Church.
St. James R. C. Church.
French R. C. Church.
High School.
Winter St. School.
Currier School.
Soldiers’ Monument.
Tilton Tower.
Electric Light Station.
B. & M. Station.
G. A. R. Building.
Masonic Building.
Odd Fellows’ Building.
Hotel Webster.
Hotel Bartlett.
Historic Map – Haverhill, MA - 1893

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