Historic Map - Haverhill, MA - 1914

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View of Haverhill, Essex County, M.A., 1914 / drawn & published by Fowler & Downs.

This aero-view print of Haverhill, Massachusetts was drawn and published by Fowler & Downs in 1914. Haverhill, located along the Merrimack River, evolved from a farming and ship-building town, into a major shoe-making city in the 1700's.

By the early 1900's, the shoe making industry dominated Haverhill. Known for the advancement of turned and welt shoes, Haverhill manufacturers also produced ladies’ and gents’ dress shoes, boots and slippers. Haverhill was named Queen Slipper City during this era. Tanneries of the town produced quality leathers for use in the factories and slipper trimmings, soles, heels and shoemaking hardware factories formed the necessary foundational supplies for the industry. Hat making was also done on a large scale in Haverhill.

The illustration includes labeled streets, buildings, bridges and railroad routes. There are illustrations of the following:

• High School.
• Public Library.
• Haverhill Historical Society.
• Whittier’s Birthplace.
• Post Office.
• City Hall.
• Pentucket Club.
• Elks’ Club.
• The Armory.
• Winnikenni Castle.
• Hale Hospital.
• First National Bank.
• Haverhill National Bank.
• Haverhill Savings Bank.
• Haverhill Trust Co.
• Merrimack National Bank.
• Haverhill Gazette.
• Haverhill Herald, Merrimack Associates Building.
• Wingate Associates Building.
• The Chase Press, Inc.
• M. H. McCarthy & Co.
• Haverhill Record.
• J. A. Beverley & Co.
• Burgess & Lang Buildings.
• Knipe Brothers.
• Appleton Counter Association.
• Haverhill Milling Co.
• Adams-Atwood Co.
• Courtney Brothers.
• Haverhill Electric Co.
• Hotel Webster.
• J. O. Ellison & Co.

Features references to the following locations:

Adams-Atwood Co. Mfrs. Ladies’ High-Grade Turn Footwear. 30-32 Locke St.
Adams, J. Fred. Insurance, Photo Supplies, Athletic Goods. 25 Emerson St.
Arnold, A. B. Leather Specialties. 62-70 Wingate St.
Arnold, Charles W. & Co. Leather Soles. 18-24 Wingate St.
Appleton Counter Association. Counters, Taps, Soles. Off Railroad Ave., Bradford.
Beverley, J. A. & Co. Electrical Construction, Supplies. 35 Washington St.
Brown & Hutchinson. Designers and Makers of Shoe Patterns. 120 Washington St.
Butler & Haseltine. Makers of Fine Turned Footwear. Burgess Bldg., 147 Essex St.
Campbell, H. B. Wholesale Produce, Lackawanna Coal. 203 Essex St.
Campbell, L. L. All kinds of Insurance, Real Estate, Auctioneering. 162 Merrimack St.
Chase Press, Inc., The. Office Supplies, Printing, Engraving, Bookbinding. Founded 1876. Incorporated 1911. 87-89-91 Essex St.
Chase, D. D. Lumber Co. Building Material and Coal. Rear of 140 Merrimack St.
Chase & Laubham, Corp. Real Estate. 3 Essex St.
Chase & Sons, W. S., Inc. Slipper Mfrs. Boston Office, 89 Bedford St.
City Five Cents Savings Bank. 48 Washington St.
Courtney Brothers. Heels and Leather. Hale St.
Civilian Shoe Co. Mfrs. of Specialties in Men’s Shoes. Ward Hill, Mass.
Dalrymple, J. A. & Co. Manufacturers and Importers of Slipper Bows, Bead Work, Ornaments, Tie Ribbons. 88 Washington St.
Davis, B. C. & Co. Top Lifts, Last Tops and Shanks. 23 Locust St.
Desmond, John T. Civil Engineer. 210 Merrimack St.
Dillon, P. J. Wholesale Liquor Merchant. 124 Washington St.
Dudley, D. T. & Co. Importers and Manufacturers of Slipper Trimmings. 66 Washington St.
Durgin Shoe Co. Established 1843. Incorporated 1909. Successors to J. H. Durgin & Son. Mfrs. of Boots and Shoes. 54 Washington St.
Ellis & Hussey. Cut Soles and Leather. 8-16 Wingate St.
Ellison, G. Herbert. Coal and Wood. Stevens St.
Ellison, J. O. & Co. Coal, Hay, Grain, Stable Supplies. Near Haverhill Bridge.
Ellison, J. O. & Co. Ford Automobiles. Near Haverhill Bridge.
Emerson, Chas. & Sons. China and Glass. 39-41 Merrimack St.
First National Bank. 73-79 Washington St.
Fox, Daniel G. Fine Electrical Work, Motor Agent for General Electric Co. 103 Washington St.
Freeman, Frank. Jeweler. 187 Merrimack St.
Gilman, B. B. & Co. Cut Straw and Leather Board. 82 Wingate St.
Goddell Agency, The. Reliable Fire Insurance. 115 Merrimack St. Geo. Willard Martin, Resident Agent.
Green, Arthur H. Real Estate, Mortgages and Insurance. 50 Merrimack St.
Grover, Chas. H. Men’s and Young Men’s Clothier, Hatter and Furnisher. 85 Merrimack St.
Haverhill Business College. The Success School. William P. McIntosh, Principal. 72 Merrimack St.
Haverhill Box Board Co. Paper Mfrs. Near Railroad, Bradford.
Haverhill Cement Stone Co. Cast, Ornamental and Dimension Stone, Granite Composite. Railroad cor. Grove, Bradford.
Haverhill Electic Company. 140 Merrimack St.
Haverhill Evening Gazette. Established 1798. 177-179 Merrimack St.
Haverhill Herald. 27 Locust St.
Haverhill House Heating Co. Plumbing, Steam and Hot Water Heating, Gas Work, Furnaces, Tin, Sheet Iron and Copper Work. 97 Washington St.
Haverhill Milling Co. Commission Merchants, Dealers in Grain, Feed, Hay, Straw, Coal and Wood. Office and Elevator, 184-190 Essex St.
Haverhill National Bank. 117 Merrimack St.
Haverhill Picture Shop. Harmon Bros., Proprietors. 89 Merrimack St., Daggett Bldg.
Haverhill Savings Bank. 153 Merrimack St.
Haverhill Storage Co. Warehouse and Office, 35 and 39 Lancaster St. J. L. Bradley, Supt., N. C. Bartlett, Mgr.
Haverhill Trust Company. 163 Merrimack St.
Hayes, C. H., Corporation. Mfrs. of Wood and Paper Boxes, Wooden Box Shooks a Specialty. 30-36 Granite St.
Hill, T. R. Mfr. Of Molded and Flat Grain Counters, Top Lifts and Leather Shanks, Heels of all kinds, Horse Shoe Pads. 30-40 Wingate St.
Hooke, Fred V. Stationer and Printer. 188 Merrimack St.
Horne, Charles H. Union Leather Soles of all kinds. Essex and Granite Sts.
Hunkins, W. O. & Co. Mfrs. Ladies’ Slippers. 141 Essex St.
Hutchins, George E. Civil Engineer and Surveyor. 196 Merrimack St.
Hovey, Lewis R. Publisher The Sunday Record, Record and Criterion (Thursdays), Ipswich Independent. 15 West St.
How, Wm. E. Stationer. 27 Washington Sq.
Joslin, E. F. Plumbing, Heating and Sheet Metal Work. Blower-Pipe Work a Specialty. 5A Walnut St.
Kimball, W. & V. O. Shoe Mfrs. 4 Walnut St.
Knipe Bros., Inc. Shoemakers. Ward Hill, Mass.
Lea, I. Established 1865. Fine Custom Shirts. 15 Main St.
Leighton, B. F. & Co. Wholesale Grocers. Batchelder Ct.
Levis, S. J. Meats, Groceries and Provisions. Franklin and John Sts.
Lewis, Herman E. Slipper Maker. 14 Walnut St.
Manning, E. A. Cigar Mfr. 59 Merrimack St.
McCarthy, M. H. & Co. Importers, Grocers, Bottlers. 61-65 Essex St.
M’Keen, A. S. Photographer. 66 Merrimack St.
Merryman, Walter R. Photographer. 138 Cedar St.
Mitchell & Company. Dry Goods. 78 Main St.
Mohican Company, The. 147 Merrimack St. P. R. Duffy.
Moulton, Edwin H. Co.
Moulton Cold Storage Company. 132 Essex St.
Norwood, G. M. Insurance. 3 Washington Sq.
O’Neill, Cornelius J. Insurance and Real Estate Agency. 210 Merrimack St.
Pentucket Mills, M. T. Stevens & Sons Co.
Public Library. John G. Moulton, Librarian.
Perkins, James A. Architect. 47 Merrimack St.
Pulsifer, G. H. Artistic Slipper Trimmings. 120 Washington St.
Rand, Frank N. Real Estate, Insurance and Mortgages. 166 Merrimack St.
Sheridan Bros. Mfrs. Ladies’ Footwear. 92 Essex St.
Singer Sewing Machine Co. P. C. Blake, Mgr. 153 Essex St.
Slipper City Wood Heel Co., The. Wood Heels of every description. 12 Duncan St.
Smith, Fred A. Leather, Soles, Counters. 35 Granite St.
Taylor-Goodwin Company, The. Dealers in Coal, Lumber and Ice. Bradford District.
Thompson, F. J., Inc. Mfr. Of Boots, Nullifiers, Oxfords and Slippers, White Canvas Goods a Specialty. 46-48 Essex St.
United Shoe Machinery Company. 145 Essex St.
Washington Outlet Co. Complete Family Clothiers. 61 Merrimack St.
Watson, Frank E. Auctioneer, Real Estate Agent, Insurance, Agent for the Care of Estates. 73 Merrimack St.
Webster, George H. Mfr. Of Counters, Soles, Taps. 153 Essex St.
Webster Hotel. 3-5 Washington St.
Wentworth-Swett Co. Fine Turned Footwear. 23 Locust St.
Whitcomb Shoe Co., The. 17-19 Locust St.
Winchell, J. H. & Co., Inc. Shoe Mfrs. 9-17 Locust St.
Wingate Shoe Corp., The. 23 Locust St.
Winn & Mitchell. Counselors at Law. 115 Merrimack St.
Witham Wood Heel Co., A. C. Mfrs. of Wood Heels of every description. 55 Wingate St.
Witherell & Dobbins Company, Inc. Mfrs. of Welt and Turn Shoes. 145 Essex St.


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