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World Satellite Image Map
Topography and Bathymetry, Giclee Archive Print

This stunningly detailed satellite image map of the world is the most accurate and up to date map of its kind. A multitude of various data sources are combined to produce this maps unique detail of the planet. Land imagery is based on data collected by NASA's MODIS satellite instrumentation in August 2004. Ocean bathymetric information is derived from the RAMP II dataset (Radarsat Antarctic Mapping Project Elevation Model) and GEBCO (General Bathymetric Chart of the Oceans. Polar sea ice is based on a combination of MODIS data and observations made by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's AVHRR sensor (Advanced Very High Resolution Radiometer). In amazing detail you can make out tens of thousands of the Earth's natural features such as the Grand Canyon in Arizona or relatively small Ayer's Rock in Australia as well as ocean floor tectonic plate boundaries. International borders are represented in red outlines.

Each map is available in an archival museum quality print. This special printing process is known as Giclee (zhee-CLAY) and is commonly used to produce museum quality fine art prints. Large format digital images are printed on premium 10 mil (0.25mm) glossy photo paper, the result is a brilliant colorful image with a vivid life-like quality. Pigment based Epson UltraChrome K3 ink is used providing a lightfastness rating of up to 108 years, guaranteeing minimal noticeable fading over a very long period of time. Giclee printing is superior to traditional lithography in a number of ways: colors are brighter, lasts longer, and is a higher resolution.

Select Giclee Print or Beveled Edge Mounting below:

Giclee Print
NP-4001-1_03A-1836-G 18X36 4 LBS* $91.00 add to basket
NP-4001-1_03A-2448-G 24X48 5 LBS* $162.00 add to basket
NP-4001-1_03A-3060-G 30X60 10 LBS* $252.00 add to basket
NP-4001-1_03A-3672-G 36X72 12 LBS* $364.00 add to basket
NP-4001-1_03A-4284-G 42X84 25 LBS* $494.00 add to basket
* NOTE:  Weights supplied are given as "dimensional weight", determined by a formula calculation of weight plus girth.  Many items ship oversize due to the nature of the product.  Weights stated are not actual weight.

Museum Quality Fine Art Mounting

Giclee prints are also available with a museum quality beveled edge mounting option. A detailed illustration of the mounting process is shown to the right. Premium UV matte laminate is applied to the Giclee by heat and pressure in a heat press. This ensures protection against moisture, UV degradation and damage from handling. The laminated Giclee is dry mounted to 1/8" fiberboard (MDF) with a 1" frame. It is sealed under heat and pressure then finished with a taped beveled edge. The final result is a non-glare, easy to clean professional quality product suitable for public display in the worlds most prestigious museums or galleries. The surface is easily cleaned with a soft cloth and glass cleaner.

NP-4001-1_03A-1836-F 18X36 22 LBS* $324.00 add to basket
NP-4001-1_03A-2448-F 24X48 38 LBS* $576.00 add to basket
NP-4001-1_03A-3060-F 30X60 68 LBS* $900.00 add to basket
NP-4001-1_03A-3672-F 36X72 83 LBS* $1,296.00 add to basket
NP-4001-1_03A-4284-F 42X84 185 LBS* $1,764.00 add to basket

*Please allow 2 weeks for delivery of mounted prints.

* NOTE:  Weights supplied are given as "dimensional weight", determined by a formula calculation of weight plus girth.  Many items ship oversize due to the nature of the product.  Weights stated are not actual weight.
World Satellite Image Map - Topography
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detail sample below:



Below: Example views of mounted Giclee Print

Above: Side view of Mounting Process
Below: Museum Quality Mounting Finished Product

Also Available as a Wall Mural
world topo map
Easy to Install Peel & Stick Fabric up to 14' x 7'
from $134.95

NOTE:  These maps are printed to your specifications (size and mounting) and are not returnable unless due to defect or damage.



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