Detailed World Topography & Bathymetry Satellite Image Map Mural

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This is a detailed version of our World Topography & Bathymetry satellite image map mural depicted in a Miller projection. A stunning map compiled from a collection of NASA satellite imagery. The map is an impressive geographic presentation of world topography in 3-D shaded-relief and ocean floor bathymetry. Easily identify areas of rain forests, deserts, major glaciers, and mountain ranges. The map features detailed political data updated for 2022 along with thousands of place name labels identifying cultural and physical features including:

  • Country & U.S. state boundaries outlined, all countries labeled including island nations.
  • Major cites, national capitals, U.S. & Canadian capital cities.
  • Rivers, lakes, mountain ranges, and deserts. Geologic basins.
  • Major seas, bays, and straits. Major and minor islands.
  • Ocean floor details including: fracture zones, ridges, and trenches.
  • Latitude/longitude, international dateline, and time zones.
  • True-color land imagery w/ 3-D relief shading of topography and ocean bathymetry derived from global elevation datasets.

The map is derived from a composite of satellite imagery with a spatial resolution of 500 meters. A multitude of data sources were combined to produce this unique view of the Earth including: land imagery sourced from NASA's Landsat 8 captured between 2018 & 2020, ocean bathymetric information from NOAA and GEBCO (General Bathymetric Chart of the Oceans). Antarctica data is compiled from the RAMP (Radarsat Antarctic Mapping Project Elevation Model) AMM-1 SAR image mosaic and RAMP digital elevation model, both version 2. Shaded-relief is based on NASA SRTM elevation data. A Miller projection is used for this map.

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