Historic Map - Hendersonville, NC - 1913

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View of Hendersonville, Henderson County, N.C., 1913 / drawn & published by Fowler & Browning.

This bird’s-eye view print of Hendersonville, North Carolina was drawn by Thaddeus Mortimer Fowler and published by Fowler & Browning in 1912. The 1912 town booster states:

“Hendersonville, universally known as the Lake City, in the Land of the Sky, is situated in Henderson County, on the Southern Railroad, and geographically located in the center of the Eastern States, making Hendersonville the natural recreation ground for the North, South, East and West. Situated on a remarkable level plateau, on the crest of the Blue Ridge Mountains, with its altitude of 2,250 feet above the sea, thorough drainage and unsurpassed climatic conditions, a claim that few towns possess the natural advantages combined with the delightful surroundings that can be found in Hendersonville, the ROOF GARDEN of AMERICA.
  Fogs and malaria are absolutely unknown. There are practically no mosquitoes. Days are stimulating, nights of refreshing coolness.
  Hendersonville has sixteen passenger trains daily, three banks, six churches (white), the prettiest court house in the State, a magnificent water system (owned by the city), asphalt streets, cement sidewalks. A taxable valuation of real and personal property is $1,676,718, which is a gain of more than 16 per cent over last year.
  The town is lighted by electricity. The current for which is developed on Big Hungry River and its power is used for commercial purposes. An excellent sewer system prevails.
  The three banks, One National and two State, are all showing a most creditable and prosperous condition. Numerous wholesale and retail houses meet every requirement of the town and county.
  The newly constructed $25,000.00 High School building is a model of its kind; of early colonial period in its architecture, scientifically lighted and ventilated with every modern convenience and equipment for the safety and comfort of pupils and teachers. It has been proclaimed by the State Superintendent of Education, as the best graded school building in North Carolina. There are also several private schools, and a Chatauqua auditorium. The town has free mail delivery and is soon to have a new postoffice building, Congress having authorized $70,000.00 for this purpose. The gross receipts of the postoffice for the year ending June 30, 1912, were $15,020.53; for last month of that year, they were $2,119.23.
  The reservoir on Echo Mountain which has recently been equipped with a large filtering plant, supplies the town with an abundance of pure spring water for all purposes. This water is subject to frequent analyses by the State Chemist, thus guarding against contamination.
  Only short distances from town are such attractions as Osceola Lake, a beautiful sheet of water covering about fifty acres. Columbia Park, destined to become a choice residential portion of the town already has many attractive cottages. Laurel Park, beautified by nature, is reached by a car line is about one and one-half miles from Main street. Here, in the season are found exciting games of baseball, tennis, bathing, boating, etc. Picturesque Rainbow Lake connected with Rhododendron Lake by a unique winding canal more than half a mile in length. Mount Echo Tower commands an extensive view of mountains, valleys, lakes and the bustling city. There are delightful walks and drives, quiet nooks with rustic seats inviting the nature lover to their seclusion, Crystal Spring, Basin Spring and other sparkling waters of purest quality and coldness. Mountainside Park, with its dashing waterfalls, exquisite moss, intricate thickets of laurel and rhododendron, masses of fern and rare plants, would seem to be, indeed, a favored spot of fairy-land. Highland Lake Club, with its many and varied attractions of the Club Estate and the unusual charm and beauty of the country in which it is situated creates a combination seldom found. From Mount Hebron can be had a view of marvelous extent, of endless ranges of mountains, and of the fine farming valleys of Mills, French Broad, the Davidson rivers, and Kanuga Lake and its numerous cottages. Near this is Indian Cave Park, showing a superb view of lake and mountain, a remarkable cave in the solid rock. Both these latter points are reached by an excellent well graded road. East of Hendersonville is “Far Away,” the home of Mr. Fitzsimmons, from which one has an entrancing view of the Balsams and the surrounding country. “Duncragan” the delightful home of Judge Ewart, commands an un equaled view of the town, of Sugar Loaf, the Hungry and White Oak ranges. Jump-Off Mountain is reached by an interesting road, which winds like a narrow thread along the mountain side between beautiful beds of galax, infinite varieties of ferns, fine timber and small farms.
  Here are waterfalls, crystal trout streams and valleys of marvelous beauty. The total variety of trees found in North Carolina is about 112 and more than twice as many shrubs. Nine-tenths of these are found in this section.
  Hendersonville has been alive to the necessity of road improvement. Roads are being transformed almost beyond recognition by the use of the most approved modern methods. Steep grades are being rapidly abolished and every section of the county is penetrated by first-class automobile roads. There are the Hendersonville-Asheville Highway, the Greenville-Hendersonville Highway, the Sugar Loaf and many other good roads which the Automobilist can enjoy.”

The panoramic image includes labeled streets, buildings and railroad route. Featured are illustrations or photographs of the following:

• Residence of Frank B. Haynes of New Orleans.
• Residence of Alex King of Atlanta, GA.
• The Norton Residence.
• Graded School.
• Bridge at Highland Lake.
• Jump-Off Mountain.
• Laurel Park.
• Crystal Spring.
• Henderson County Court House.

Features references to the following locations:


St. John Hotel. St. John & Son, Proprietors.
Kentucky Home. Mrs. A. M. Grover, Proprietor.
Blue Ridge Inn. S. W. Mitchell, Proprietor.
Wheeler Hotel. S. F. Wheeler, Proprietor.
Lawyers’ Hotel.
Waverley Hotel. Mrs. A. L. Anderson, Proprietor. Wanteska Inn. Mrs. J. T. Bryant, Proprietor. Pine Grove Lodge. Mrs. A. I. Gambate, Proprietor. DeShields House. Mrs. J. W. Bailey, Proprietor.
Dr. T. R. Allen.
Mrs. A. E. Samples.
Osteen House.
Mrs. Elsie Sindorf (The Charleston).
Oakley-Florida Home. Mrs. A. F. P. King, Proprietor.
The Gables.
Farm-City Home.
Mountain City Inn.
Jackson Cottage.
Caroline House.
McCulloh Cottage.
Israel House.
Mrs. J. M. Waldrop.
Foster Bennett.
Wilson Cottage. Mrs. F. S. Thomas.
Mrs. S. L. Reese.
Miss Ella McLain.
Mrs. Hattie Scott.
Mrs. E. R. Black.
Mrs. J. F. Russell.
Mrs. P. G. Liverett.
Mrs. E. L. Osteen.
Mrs. J. C. Morrow.
Logan. L. Logan Place. Chimney Rock.
Nanney, S. B. Point Lookout, Edneyville.
G. W. Conner, Bonnie Bell Inn, Fletcher.
Mrs. S. E. Greenwood, The Mt. Gem, Fletcher.
Orr Springs Home.
Richelieu. Mrs. L. M. Cullen, Proprietor.
Mrs. J. G. Waldrop.
The Terrace.
Cullen, Mrs. L. M.
Mrs. R. L. Hunt.
Freeman & Hesterley, Summer Home, Fairmont.
Garland House.
Park Hill. Mrs. M. A. Brown, Proprietor.
Marlboro Villa. Miss Crosland, Proprietor.
The Orchards.
F. V. Hunters; Laurel Park Retreat. Mrs. Florence Jordan, Proprietor. Rugby Home. Mrs. Josephine M. Pender, Proprietor.
Mrs. S. A. Pruett.
Lake View.
Rose Cottage.
Oak Lawn.
Pine Crest. Mrs. F. S. Wetmur.


First Methodist. Rev. A. L. Stanford.
First Baptist. Rev. K. W. Cawthon.
E. Hendersonville Baptist. Rev. A. J. Justice.
Presbyterian. Rev. R. B. Grinnan.
Episcopal. Rev. R. N. Willcox.
Roman Catholic. Rev. P. G. Marion.


H. C. Meyer.


Henry Twyford.
E. W. Ewbank.
H. S. Anderson.
J. Foy Justice.
Mac D. Ray.
Staton & Rector.
Michael Schenck.
Bartlett Shipp.
W. A. Smith.
J. E. Shipman.


Western Motor Co.
B. B. Hart.
Depot Garage.


Walker A. Smith.


First Bank & Trust Co. W. J. Davis, Pres. K. G. Morris, Vice-Pres. P. F. Patton, Vice-Pres. J. Mack Rhodes, Cashier.
The Citizens Bank. F. E. Durfee, Pres. E. W. Ewbank, Vice-Pres. C. E. Brooks, Cashier.
The Peoples National Bank. W. K. Howe, Pres. U. G. Staton, Vice-Pres. C. S. Fullbright, Cashier. W. A. Young, Asst. Cashier.


Boiling Springs Bottling Works.


Hendersonville Brick Co.


G. M. Glazener.
Lott’s Cash Store.
H. Patterson.
J. O. Williams.


Laundry Ice & Fuel Co.


W. P. Bane.
Star Dray Co.
J. H. Jordan.
Gilreath & Gurley.


White Pine Creamery.
J. A. Rusher.


Dr. A. H. Morey.
Dr. W. H. Carson.
Dr. W. T. Wallace.


Hendersonville Mercantile Co.
E. Lewis.
J. O. Williams.
Wilson Department Store.
S. Johnson.


Hendersonville Transfer.
Star Dray Co.


Hunter’s Pharmacy.
Justus’s Pharmacy.
Rose’s Pharmacy.
Brooks Pharmacy.


Southern Express Co.


Byer Bros.
Houston & Son.


Ideal Restaurant.
George Gianakos.
Hendersonville Candy Kitchen.


M. M. Shepherd.
J. M. Stepp.


Blue Ridge Wholesale Grocery Co.
Hendersonville Wholesale Grocery Co.
Slayden, Fakes & Co. Wholesale Groceries.
Burckmyer Bros.
G. W. Brooks.
Freeze Bros.
T. B. Carson.
W. F. Case.
Stroup & Allison.
H. F. Drake.
H. M. Flynn.
P. B. Gibbs.
W. M. Guill.
S. J. Harris.
H. D. Hyder.
A. O. Jones.
Justice Gro. Co.
J. M. Lanning.
F. H. Kincaid.
S. Maxwell & Co.
Chas. S. Orr.
Ramsey & Staton.
R. A. Robards.
M. M. Shepherd.
G. G. Hyder.


Clarke Hardware Co.
Edwards Hardware Co.
Farmers Hardware & Supply Co.


Chaple & Stepp.
Hendersonville Buggy & Supply Co.


Freeze Hosiery Mill.


Laundry Ice & Fuel Co.


Ewbank, Ewbank & Co.
Staton & Rector.
Henry F. Stewart.
Mac. D. Ray.
Michael Schenck.
W. C. Jordan.
Wanteska Trust & Banking Co.


W. H. Hawkins & Son.


Laundry Ice & Fuel Co.


Hendersonville Light & Power Co.


E. J. Francis.
M. P. Andrews.
Brock & Lane.
J. T. Crane.
Orr & Andrews.
Hudson & Jackson.
W. F. Israel.
D. G. Tatum.
T. A. Jackson & Co.
L. B. Metcalf.


Hendersonville Lumber Co.

Rigby Morrow Co.
J. R. Willson.

R. L. Rusher.
P. B. English & Co.
D. E. Stepp.
Justus & Brock.
A. J. Johnson & Co.
W. C. Lyda.


Stewart & Ficker.


E. B. Drake, Secty.


Mrs. A. E. Posey.
Miss M. E. Woodall.
Hendersonville Mer. Co.


F. S. Thomas.


Western Carolina Times.
Daily Republican.
French Broad Hustler.
Daily Herald.
Western Carolina Democrat.


J. F. Cranford, M. D.
Guy E. Dixon, M. D.
A. B. Drafts, M. D.
J. L. Edgerton, M. D.
W. B. W. Howe, M. D.
William Redin Kirk, M. D.
John Roy Williams, M. D.
J. S. Brown, M. D.
L. B. Morse, M. D.
J. G. Waldrop, M. D.


McCall Plumbing Co.
J. V. Helsel.
Hendersonville Plumbing Co.
J. W. McIntyre.


Balfour Quarry Co.


Ewbank, Ewbank & Co.
Wanteska Trust & Banking Co.
Staton & Rector.
W. A. Smith.
W. A. Blake.


G. J. Milward.


Whitaker Book and Art Store.


W. C. Jordan.
Justice & Son.
H. G. Bailey.


H. Patterson.
The Model.


The St. John’s.
B. L. Brooks.
E. R. Black.


M. M. Shephard.
J. M. Stepp.


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