Historic Map - High Point, NC - 1913

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View of High Point, Guilford County, N.C., 1913 / drawn & published by T. M. Fowler.

This aero-view print of High Point, North Carolina was drawn by T. M. Fowler and published with copy by J. J. Farriss by Charles Hart, Litho. in 1913. High Point embraced itself as “The Manufacturing Centre of the South” in 1913 indicating a population of 12,000 and listing the area’s sixty-seven factories.

High Point was incorporated south of the Blue Ridge Mountains in 1859 as a dry town holding no barrooms. The agriculture grown in the region included tobacco and cotton as well as fruit, flowers and ornamental trees.

Following the American Civil War interests in High Point changed to a more industrial nature, as textile mills and furniture factories began to emerge throughout the area. Raw materials could be easily brought in to the manufacturers and products adequately shipped out using the Southern Railway’s excellent freight terminal at High Point.

The image includes labeled streets, buildings and railroad routes.

Factory references:

Central Foundry and Machine Shop.
Peerless Machine Works.
Southern Machine Works.
Snow Lumber Co.
Tomlinson Chair Mfg. Co.
Ecker Glass Co.
J. Elwood Cox, Shuttle & Bobbin Stock.
Durham Hosiery Mills.
Parker Paper & Twine Co.
High Point Milling Co.
Dalton Furniture Co.
High Point Ice & Fuel Co.
High Point Furniture Co.
Tate Furniture Co.
Continental Furniture Co.
Southern Mirror Co.
Southern Chair Factory.
Standard Mirror Co.
High Point Buggy Co.
North Carolina Wheel Co.
Hill Veneer Co.
Stehle & Co. Silk Mills.
Giant Furniture Co.
Union Furniture Co.
Kearns Furniture Co.
Crown Hosiery Mills.
Welch Furniture Co.
Shipman Organ Co.
Pittsburgh Plate Glass Co.
High Point Safe & Table Co.
Southern Veneer Co.
Kearns Upholstering Co.
Coffin’s Furniture Co.
Marsh Furniture Co.
Dixie Milling Co.
Globe Parlor Furniture Co.
Southern Novelty Works.
High Point Metallic Bed Co.
Piedmont Mills.
High Point Hosiery Mills.
High Point Show Case Works.
O. Arthur Kirkman Mfg. Co.
Columbia Furniture Co.
Hayworth’s Roll & Panel Co.
Alma Furniture Co.
Myrtle Desk Co.
Rankin Coffin & Casket Co.
Southern Car Co.
Southern Power Co.
Picket Cotton Mills.
High Point Hardwood Lumber Co.
Barnes Manufacturing Co.

High Point Steam Laundry.
Barker Roller Mills.
N. C. Public Service Co.
Ellison Mantel Co.
North Carolina Oil Co.
Enterprise Printing House.
Bank of Commerce Building.
Home Banking Co.
Wachovia Bank and Trust Co.
Commercial Nat. Bank.
High Point Savings and Trust Co.
Elwood Hotel.
High School.
Grimes St. School.
Russell St. School.
Elm St. School.
Payne House.