Historic Map - Washington, DC - 1923

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View of Washington, D.C., 1923 / drawn & published by William Olsen.

This bird’s-eye view print of Washington, DC, compliments of the Baltimore & Ohio Railway Company, was drawn and published by William Olsen in 1923. Our nation’s capital city was first organized in the late 1700's along the Potomac River. Washington DC was a growing capital city in the early 1900's, as manufacturing and business opportunities emerged. The map’s inset feature states:

 “Washington. The Heart of the Nation. This Aero View of Washington is the most remarkable map picture that has ever been made. Remarkable for its great range of vision and the stupendous task in making such a drawing and the extreme accuracy in the architectural “lay-out”.
  It shows the city in perspective from a point of vantage east of the Congressional Library looking northwest thus including the most attractive suburbs with the Capitol in the foreground.
  This work occupied two years of continuous time of the greatest Bird’s Eye View artist in the country.   No map view of this vast and comprehensive nature has ever been made of any City and it is especially a great accomplishment when it is considered that Washington’s immense area of public buildings, parks and suburbs in here shown in a picture from which anyone may become familiar with locations of the streets, Business blocks and public buildings. Even though it has a “Bird’s Eye View” effect, it has all been sketched from the ground and every block and building is in proper survey.”

The illustration from above the Capitol Building, looking north west, shows the government buildings, labeled streets and railroad routes.

Coded references to the following locations:

U. S. Capitol.
Library of Congress.
Medical Museum.
Old National Museum.
Bureau of Fisheries.
New National Museum.
Smithsonian Institution.
Agricultural Dept. Buildings.
Old Bureau of Engraving.
New Bureau of Engraving.
Washington Monument.
Lincoln Memorial.
District Building.
U. S. Treasury.
Post Office Department.
Walter Reid Hospital.
State War & Navy Dept.
Corcoran Art Gallery.
Continental Hall.
The White House.
Fords Theatre.
Pan American Building.
House where Lincoln died.
Patent Office.
Land Office.
Pension Office.
City Post Office.
Public Library.
Gov. Printing Office.
Union Station.
Fort Myer.
Arlington Cemetery.
Soldiers’ Home.
U. S. Naval Observatory.
War Department.
Navy Department.
Court House.
Treasury Department (Distribution Office).
Register of the Treasury.
House of Representatives (Office Building).
Senate Office Building.
Ball Park.
Zoological Park.
Washington Cathedral.
Chevy Chase.
Rock Creek Park.
Central High School.
Alien Property Custodian.
Sibley Memorial Hospital.
Garfield Hospital.
Department of Commerce.
Department of Labor.
Department of the Interior.
Red Cross Building.
D. A. R. Building.
Emergency Hospital.
U. S. Weather Bureau.
Interstate Commerce Commission.
Franklin Square.
Lafayette Square.
Judiciary Square.
Dupont Circle.
Scott Circle.
Thomas Circle.
Iowa Circle.
Botanical Gardens.
Stanton Square.
Meridian Hill Park.
Analostan Island.
Bureau of Standards.
Georgetown University.