Historic Map - Winston-Salem, NC - 1891

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View of Winston-Salem, Forsyth County, N.C., 1891 / drawn & published by Ruger & Stoner.

This bird’s-eye view print of Winston-Salem, North Carolina was drawn and published by Ruger & Stoner in 1891. The towns of Winston and Salem merged together as Winston-Salem in 1889.

In the late 1800's, Winston-Salem was an important marketing center for the popular bright-leaf tobacco grown throughout the region. The popular light tasting tobacco was emerging as the user’s preferred tobacco for the manufacture of cigarettes. Winston-Salem held a large number of leaf drying houses and tobacco manufacturing facilities for locally grown tobacco.

Prominent Winston-Salem tobacco makers of the era were R. J. Reynolds, who later gained fame with Camel cigarettes, and the Hanes family, who later switched from tobacco manufacturing to textiles, producing their popular seamless stretch hosiery for women.

The map indicates a population in 1880 of 4,194 and a population in 1890 of 14,000. It includes labeled streets, buildings and railroad routes.

Features references to the following locations:

Moravian Church.
Baptist Church.
St. Paul’s Episcopal Church.
Presbyterian Church.
Centenary Methodist Church.
Protestant Methodist Church.
Burkhead Methodist Church.
Calvary Chapel, Moravian.
Baptist Church.
Moravian Chapel.
Catholic Church.
Colored Churches.
Waugh Town.
Court House.
Water Works.
Twin City Construction & Electric Light Co.
Salem Academy.
Davis Military School.
Graded Schools. J. J. Blair, Supt.
Colored Graded School. S. G. Atkins, Principal.
R. & D. R. R. Depot. Chas. Buford, Agt.
Roanoke S. Depot. R. D. Lankford, Auditor. E. B. Kearns, Agt.
Woodland Public Cemetery & Moravian Burying Ground.
The Zinzendorf Hotel of the West End Land Co.
Hotel Quincy. Geo. R. Quincy, Prop.
Jones House. J. L. Jones, Prop.
W. F. Smith & Sons. Buyers & Rehandlers of Bright Leaf Tobacco.
Ebert, Payne & Co. Manufacturers of Plug & Twist Tobaccos.
W. B. Ellis & Co. Tobacco Mfrs. And North State Cigar Works.
R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Co. Factories, 19 Leaf House, 20 Leaf Houses.
B. F. Hanes. Manufacturer of Plug & Twist Tobaccos.
P. H. Hanes & Co. Mfrs. All Grades, Plug & Fancy Twist Tobaccos
P. H. Hanes & Co. Leaf Houses.
B. J. Sheppard & Co. Com. Merchants for Purchase of Leaf Tobacco.
Leak, Beall & De Vane. Tobacco Manufacturers.
Bailey Bros. Tobacco Manufacturers.
S. A. Ogburn. Manufacturer of Fine Plug Tobacco.
W. W. Wood & Co. Tobacco Manufacturers.
N. S. & J. J. Wilson. Tobacco Manufacturers.
W. A. Whitaker. Manufacturer of Tobaccos.
Brown Bros. Manufacturers of Plug, Twist, Navy & Fancy Tobaccos.
Brown & Carter. Tobacco Ware House, Sale of Leaf Tobaccos.
H. H. Reynolds. “Red Elephant” Mfrs. Of Plug & Twist Tobaccos.
A. B. Gorrell & Son. Farmers Ware House for the sale of Leaf Tobacco.
M. W. Norfleet & Sons. Piedmont Tobacco Ware House.
M. W. Norfleet & Sons. Leaf House.
T. L. Vaughn & Co. Mfrs. Of all Grades of Plug & Twist Tobacco, Plug Work a Specialty.
Hamlen Liipfert & Co. Mfrs. Fancy Plug, Twist & Smoking Tobacco.
The Williamson Tobacco Co.
J. B. Moseley, Dealer in Leaf Tobaccos.
Bitting & Hay. Manufacturers of Plug and Twist Tobacco.
Blackburn, Dalton & Co. Manufacturers of Tobaccos.
Lockett, Vaughn & Co. Tobacco Manufacturers.
Bynum, Cotton & Co. Manufacturers of Plug & Twist Tobaccos.
Ogburn, Hill & Co. Manufacturers of Fine Plug Tobaccos.
Smith, Shaffner & Co. Leaf Tobacco.
Hodgin Bros. & Lunn. Tobacco Manufacturers.
Walker Bros. Manufacturers of Fine Chewing & Smoking Tobacco.
Tobacco Factories & Leaf Houses.
Dr. J. F. Shaffner’s Cotton Gin & Bone Mill.
Cotton Mill, F. & H. Fries.
Flouring Mill, F. & H. Fries.
Woolen Mill, F. & H. Fries.
C. A. Hege & Co. Salem Iron Works, Engines, Saw Mills, Wood Planers, Gen. Wood Work Machinery.
A. G. Hough, Hosiery Manufactory.
F. C. Meinung, Horse Shoeing, Drays & Business Wagons a Specialty, Buggy & Carriage Work.
Fogle Bros. Planing Mill, Sash, Doors, etc. Contractors & Builders.
Miller Bros. Planing Mill & Lumber Yds. Sash, Doors, etc. Contractors & Builders.
Vance & Shaffner, Foundry & Machine Shop, Planers, Saw Mills and Wood Working Machinery.
D. H. King, Coal, Ice and Bottler.
J. W. Holland, Livery Stable.
Wachovia National Bank. W. A. Lemly, Pres. Jas. A. Gray, Cash.
S. L. Spach, Bros. Mfrs. Dressed & Rough Lumber Doors & Window Frames, Mouldings & Tobacco Boxes, Mill Liberty. ¼ Mile from Graded School.
W. A. Baity Bros. Shoes, Hats & Gents Furnishing Goods. 244 Main St. Dry Goods & Notions. 28 Liberty St.
Ashcraft & Owens, Druggists. 248 Main & 63 Third.
S. E. Hough, Photographer. 236 ½ Main St.
Wm. T. Vogler, Jeweler.
West End Hotel & Land Co. 232 ½ Main St.
Eugene E. Gray, Attorney. 232 ½ Main St.
Catlin & Kantner, Real Estate. 232 Main.
Chas. S. Johnson, Real Estate. 212 Main St.
J. M. Pendleton, Mgr. W. U. Tel. Co. 243 Main.
J. P. Stanton, Reg. Deeds.
Mrs. L. K. Stanton, Millinery Store. 209 Main St.
J. D. Buckley, Merchant Tailor. 207 Main St.
D. S. Reid, Dry Goods, Groceries, Notions, Boots, Shoes & Hats. Main & Second Sts.
Dr. S. J. Montague, Physician & Surgeon. Church bet. 1st & 2nd Sts.
Bouis & Adams. J. W. Humphrey. House Furnishing Goods, Gas & Steam Fitting, Tin and Slate Roofing. 137 Main St.
W. P. Ormsby, Organs & Pianos & Domestic Sewing Machines. 133 Main.
Drs. Watkins & Conrad, Dentists. Main St. bet. 1st & Belew Sts.
A. C. Vogler & Son. Furniture & Undertaking. Main St. bet. 1st & Belew.
W. O. Senseman & Co. Wholesale Brooms, Stoves & Tin Ware, Main St., also Prop. Steam Broom Works.
Dr. J. W. Hunter, Dentist. Hunter Blk. Main St.
D. A. Spaugh, Wholesale & Retail Dealer in Staple & Fancy Groceries, Hardware, etc. Hunter Blk.
H. W. Shore, Groceries & Provisions. Main & New Shallowford Sts.
Dr. J. F. Shaffner, Physician & Druggist. Main & Fish.
Jas. T. Linebeck, Wachovia Land Office & Office of Treasurer Salem Congregation. Main & Bank Sts.
Dr. H. T. Bahnson, Physician & Surgeon. Church St.
H. B. Douthit, Groceries, Confections & Notions. Main St. bet. Bank & Shallowford.
Mrs. T. B. Douthit, Millinery & Fancy Goods. Main St.
The Peoples Press. L. V. & E. T. Blum, Editors & Proprietors. Main St.
Chas. Vogler Res. Main & West Sts.
Dr. H. V. Horton, Office over Wachovia National Bank. Main & 3rd St.
Dr. Robah F. Gray, Physician & Surgeon. 509 Fifth St.
The Union Republican. J. W. Goslen, Editor & Prop. Third St.
North Carolina Furniture Co. R. Stevens. Third & Liberty Sts.
D. A. King, House & Sign Painter. 3rd & Liberty.
First National Bank. J. C. Buxton, Pres. W. Alspaugh, Cash. Liberty & 3rd Sts.
Watson & Buxton, Attorneys. First National Bank Building.
Jones & Kerner, Attorneys. Reynolds Building. 3rd & Liberty.
Elier & Starbuck, Attorneys. Hanes Block. Liberty St.
Brown & Brown, Druggists. 312 Liberty.
R. Leopold, Manufacturer of Fine Cigars. Buxton Block. Liberty St.
Y. M. C. Association. Buxton Block.
Vaughn & Pepper, Jobbers in Dry Goods, Notions, Boots, Shoes, Hats and Groceries. 110 to 112 Fourth St.
Hinshaw & Medearis, Wholesale & Retail Dealers in Gen. Merchandise, Seeds & Fertilizers. 120 to 126 Fourth St.
W. A. Cooper & Co. Dealers in Marble & Granite Monuments, Headstones, all Kinds Stone Work. 109 Fourth St.
C. H. Lopez. Old Town, bet. 3rd & 4th Sts.
W. B. Allen, Hatter & Gents Furnisher, Neck Wear a Specialty. 404 Liberty St.
J. L. Patterson, Attorney. Liberty & Third Sts.
Samuel H. Smith, Druggist. 406 Liberty St.
D. D. Schouler, Dry Goods, Notions & Shoes. 408 to 410 Liberty. Auction, 400 Liberty. Millinery, No. 8 Third St.
Twin City Daily Citizen. J. O. Foy, Editor & Prop. Liberty St.
H. J. Williams & Co. Bakery & Confections. 411 Liberty. Groceries and Provisions, 4th bet. Main & Church Sts.
H. D. Shutt, Groceries, Provisions, etc. 422 Liberty.
J. A. Reid, Dry Goods, Groceries & Provisions. 5th & Old Town St.
V. O. Thompson, Wholesale & Retail Druggist. 13 4th St.
D. P. Mast, Mayor & Attorney. Office over Thompson’s Drug Store.
Peoples National Bank. W. A. Blair, Pres. F. E. Patterson, Cash. 4th bet. Main & Liberty.
Winston-Salem Land & Investment Co. Office over Peoples National Bank.
Glenn & Manly, Attorneys. Over Peoples Nat. Bank.
P. C. Humphrey, Real Estate.
Brown, Rogers & Co. Wholesale & Retail Hardware, Agricultural Implements, etc. Main & 4th Sts.
R. H. G. Bouis, Prop. Piedmont Brick Works. Office, 126 ¼ Fourth St.
Geo. Stewart, Tin Ware Mfr. & Copper Work. 313 Main St.
Cicero Tise, Furniture & Undertaking. 307 to 309 Main St. Factory 1 Mile N. Winston.
Standard Music Co. Tise Block.
A. F. Arnold, Jeweler. 305 Main St.
T. A. Wilson Res. Chestnut & Second.
L. W. Pegram Res. Liberty & Seventh.
S. H. Taylor Res. Eighth.
E. C. Edmunds Res. Broad & Fifth.
W. B. Pollard Res. Poplar & Fourth.
F. M. Roberts Res. 312 Broad.
J. H. White, Groceries & Provisions. 8th & Liberty.
T. L. Cook, Carpenter & Builder. Centerville.
F. A. Lash, Groceries & Provisions. Depot & 7th.