Historic Map - Durham, NC - 1891

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View of Durham, Durham County, N.C., 1891 / drawn & published by Ruger & Stoner.

This bird’s-eye view print of Durham, North Carolina was drawn by Albert Ruger and J. J. Stoner and published by Burleigh Lithographing Establishment in 1891. Durham was established as Durham Station in the mid-1800's along the banks of the Eno River. The agricultural community had resisted the coming railroad but with a land donation by Dr. Bartlett S. Durham a station was established and named after him.

When Durham County was formed in 1881 Durham became its county seat. In 1887 Trinity College moved to Durham. The learning institution is now known as Duke University. Durham maintained a large hosiery manufactory and a denim factory, but the town’s economy leaned heavily on the tobacco industry. Bright-leaf tobacco grown and processed here was found to be quite popular and several prominent tobacco companies emerged from Durham including the Bull Durham Tobacco Factory and W. Duke & Sons Tobacco Company.

In 1890, James B. Duke organized the American Tobacco Company by merging several tobacco companies and concentrating on the sale of cigarettes with the aid of newly invented rolling machinery. The industry would later be immortalized in the song “Tobacco Road” by John D. Loudermilk as he accounted growing up in Durham.

The image includes labeled streets, buildings, railroad route and vicinity. It features inset illustrations of the following:

• Chapel Hill.
• East Durham.
• Ramseur St.

Features references to the following locations:

Trinity College.
Court House.
Market House.
School Houses.
Electric Light Plant.
R. R. Depots.
Trinity Methodist Church.
Presbyterian Church.
Episcopal Church.
Baptist Church.
Primitive Baptist Church.
Main St. Methodist Church.
2nd Baptist Church.
Christian Church.
Carrs Chapel, East Durham.
Baptist Church, East Durham.
Duke, Sons & Co., Branch of the American Tobacco Co. Manufacturers of Fine Cigarets & Tobaccos.
Duke, Sons & Co. Leaf Houses.
Blackwell’s Durham Tobacco Co. Mfrs. Of the Original Genuine Bull Durham Smoking Tobacco.
Carpenter Shop.
Leaf Houses.
S. F. Tomlinson, of R. F. Morris & Son Manufacturing Co. Mfrs. Of the Celebrated Eureka Durham Smoking Tobacco, Scotch & Maccoboy Snuffs.
Z. I. Lyon & Co. Mfrs. Of the only Genuine Pride of Durham & Cut & Slash Smoking Tobaccos.
The J. Y. Whitted Tobacco Co. Mfrs. Of all Grades Bright Plug & Twist Tobacco and fine Granulated Smoking.
Rowland & Cooper, Dealers in Leaf Tobacco.
Albert Kramer, Handler of North Carolina Bright Leaf Tobacco.
I. N. Reams, Leaf Tobacco Dealer.
J. T. Pinnix & Co., Leaf Tobacco Brokers.
H. J. Bass & Co., Leaf Tobacco Brokers.
J. S. Watkins, Leaf House.
Martin & Thompson, Leaf Tobacco Commission Merchants.
A. H. Stokes, Leaf Tobacco Dealer & Leaf Houses.
John N. Gorman, Leaf Tobacco Dealer.
John S. Lockart, Proprietor. Banner Ware House, for Sale of Leaf Tobacco.
Wm. A. Lea, Reams Ware House for Sale Leaf Tobacco.
E. J. Parish, Proprietor. Prish Ware House for Sale Leaf Tobacco.
Globe Tobacco Ware House.
Tobacco Factories & Leaf House.
W. Mangum, Planing Mill, Sash & Doors. F. R. Mangum, Manager.
Hotel Claiborn. W. H. Billings, Proprietor.
Hopkins House. Miss M. A. Hopkins, Proprietress.
Driver House. Mrs. F. Petway, Proprietress.
Durham Cotton Mfy. Factory. East Durham.
Durham Fertilizer Co. Office, Mangum St. between Main & Parish.
Commonwealth Cotton Mfg. Co. East Durham.
Bobbin & Shuttle Factory. East Durham.
Foundry & Machine Shop. Planing Mill.
Robert I. Rogers, Real Estate & Dealer in Marble & Granite, Owner Brown Stone Quarries.
Wyatt Bros., Heavy Groceries, Hay, Fodder, Bran & Feed Stuff of all Kinds.
Consolidated Land Co. Wright’s Block. R. H. Wright, Sec. & Treas.
Dr. Wm. Lynch, Dentist. Wright’s Block. Main & Corcoran Sts.
S. L. Leary, Architect. Wright’s Block. Main & Corcoran Sts.
The Fidelity Bank. Wright’s Block, Main & Corcoran Sts.
First National Bank. J. S. Carr, President. W. W. Fuller, Vice President. Leo. D. Heartt, Cashier. Main & Corcoran Sts.
Morehead Bank. W. H. Willard, President. J. T. Pinnix, Vice President. W. M. Morgan, Cashier. 105 Main.
Ballard & Halliburton. Trustees, W. T. Blackwell’s Estate. 125 Main.
W. R. Murray, Pianos, Organs & Sewing Machines. 103 W. Main.
The Mutual Land & Manufacturing Co. Main & Corcoran Sts.
A. E. Lloyd & Co. Wholesale & Retail Hardware, Cutlery and Agricultural Implements, & Tobacco Flues. 122 Main.
Durham Daily Sun. J. A. Robinson, Editor & Proprietor.
Rogers & Co. Books & Stationery & News Dealers. 114 Main.
J. Southgate & Son, Life & Fire Insurance. Main & Mangum Sts.
W. W. Fuller, Attorney. 203 Mangum St.
W. Shelburn, Photographer. 105 Main.
Q. E. Rawls, Dry Goods, Notions, Boots & Shoes, Tin Ware a Specialty. 119 Main.
M. H. Jones, Jewelry, Clocks, Watches & Silver Ware. 111 Main St.
Durham Daily Globe. Al. Fairweather, Editor & Proprietor. 129 Main St.
C. B. Green, Clerk Court.
Junius Parker, Attorney. 106 Main St.
S. Mesley, Merchant Tailor. 122 Main St.
The Durham Recorder. E. C. Hackney, Editor & Proprietor. 108 Main St.
W. H. Proctor, Heavy & Fancy Groceries. Main & Mangum Sts.
C. J. Fisher, Painter. Main St.
H. A. Reams, Residence. 308 Pettigrew Street.
G. W. Ward, Restaurant. Church St.
R. B. Fitzgerald, Brick Yard. Chapel Hill St.