Historic Railroad Map of Indiana - 1896

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Railroad Map of Indiana prepared under the direction of and presented by the State Board of Tax Commissioners.

Indiana had grown considerably during the 1880's because of its natural gas reserves. Indiana cities, especially in the north, were enjoying their years of manufacturing and railroad growth. By 1893 railroad expansion had gotten so far out of hand that there was great panic for investors. Many factories were closing and several railroad companies went bankrupt. A strike in 1894 by workers at the Pullman Car Company in nearby Chicago, which had dramatically reduced salaries and expanded working hours, prompted a nation-wide strike called the Bituminous Coal Miners’ Strike of 1894. Indiana’s economy wouldn’t improve until World War I.

This detailed township and county map of Indiana was created and published in 1896 by Wm. B. Burford & Co. Railroads are distinquished by color and name. A handy list of railroads, coded by color, appears at the left.

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