Historic Railroad Map of the Midwest - 1868 - G.W. & C.B. Colton & Co

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Map showing the Burlington, Cedar Rapids & Minnesota Railway.

This colorful map of the Middle West United States was published in 1868 by G.W. & C.B. Colton & Co. It features portions of Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Nebraska, and Iowa. Shown are counties, cities, towns, waterways, and the railroad and steamboat network of the 1860's.

The Burlington, Cedar Rapids & Minnesota Railway was organized in 1868 when several smaller railroads merged to form it. It served the Iowa communities northwest of Burlington, running all the way to Albert Lea, Minnesota. The line was forced into bankruptcy in the middle 1870's after which it became the Burlington, Cedar Rapids & Northern Railway. In 1903 it became part of the Chicago, Rock Island & Pacific Railway.

Burlington, located along the Mississippi River, was the home base for a number of railroads including the Burlington, Cedar Rapids & Minnesota Railroad. Burlington’s economy revolved around railroads and furniture making during that era. Valued local furniture manufacturers, including the popular Northwestern Furniture Company, relied heavily on the railroads for shipment of their products.

Railroads enabled Cedar Rapids, along the Cedar River, to prosper as a mill and meat packing center.