Historic Railroad Map of the United States & Mexico - 1862

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Colton's Railroad and Military Map of the United States, Mexico, and the West Indies.

The Pacific Railroad Act of 1862 expanded railroads in the west. Railroads were an important factor during the American Civil War. Troop supplyment was of utmost concern for both the Union and the Confederacy. The railroads were proving themselves to be effective during the wartime efforts. With the Railroad Act, the government expected to bolster the Union by connecting the valued resources found in the west.

Following the Act, work began on a trans-continental railroad that would connect Council Bluffs, Iowa with San Francisco Bay. Council Bluffs, on the Missouri River, was a major stepping stone to several early west bound trails.

In the south, Mobile was heavily fortified. Although Union navy forces held a blockade to prevent ships from entering the harbor, Confederates devised a fleet of fast-operating camouflaged boats that managed to slip in and out of the harbor supplying the town.

The 40 foot H.L. Hunley submarine was built in Mobile.

Many railroad lines were fought over during wartime.

This detailed map of portions of North America was published in 1862 by Joseph Hutchins Colton. It shows relief, drainage, cities, towns, forts, and railroads, both operational and proposed. Population chart is based on the 1860 census.

Insets include Colton's map of the Americas Africa and a portion of Europe showing the Atlantic and part of the Pacific Oceans, New Orleans and Delta of the Mississippi Louisiana, Mobile Harbor Alabama, Key West and Tortugas Florida Reefs, Wilmington and vicinity North Carolina, Charleston Port Royal and Savannah vicinities, Washington Manassas Junction Harpers Ferry Baltimore Annapolis vicinity, Beaufort and vicinity North Carolina, Norfolk Fortress Monroe James River Richmond Petersburgh vicinity.

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