Historic Map - New Milford, CT - 1906

Bird's eye view of New Milford, Connecticut, 1906.

An historic map print reproduction of New Milford, CT, published by Hughes & Bailey in 1906. First settled in the early 1700's, while no military battles were fought in New Milford during the American Revolution, the town did send 285 men to fight in the war. Farming was the focus of the community through the early 1800's, until the arrival of the Housatonic Railroad in 1840. "So great was the appreciation of the arrival of the train that the church bells were rung and an old cannon shot."

This map captures the town of New Milford just four years after the "Great Fire" which leveled most of the main business district on May 5th, 1902. Starting in stables behind the buildings on Bank Street and Railroad Street, the fire quickly spread to Main Street. Despite years of warnings from the fire department, a lack of water pressure allowed the fire to extend rapidly. Thirty three buildings and twelve barns and stables were ruined. Temporary wooden buildings were erected on the green so that merchants could continue business while the rebuilding took place.

Map includes inset photos and illustrations of the following notable buildings:

Memorial Public Library
St. John's Episcopal Church
Methodist Church
Congregational Church
Town Hall
All Saints' Memorial Church
Catholic Church
Residence of Mrs. C. E. Wright
Public School
Bridgeport Wood Finishing Co.'s Works (2 insets)
New England House, Geo. E. Pixley, Proprietor
Tobacco Warehouse, C. F. Schoverling
S. Rossin & Sons' Tobacco Warehouse, J. Stuart Halpin, Agent
The F. E. Rowe Co., Contractors and Builders
Hubert Thomas, Furniture and Undertaking, shown with the Henry Donnelly Cafe
United Bank Building
W. G. Barton, Dry Goods
Post Office Building, shown with P. M. Cassedy, Bookseller & Stationer
New Milford Hat Factory

Complete reference list below.

Features numbered & lettered references to the following locations:

 A. Town Hall. Site of Roger Sherman Residence.
 B. Post Office Building.
 C. Memorial Public Library.
 D. New Milford Public School.
 E. Ingleside School.
 F. Fire Dept. Building.
 G. New Milford Station. N.Y., N.H., & H.R.R.
 H. St. John's Episcopal Church.
 J. All Saints' Memorial Church.
 K. Congregational Church.
 L. Catholic Church.
 M. M. E. Church.
 N. Second Advent Church.
  1. Ackley, Hatch & Marsh. General Merchandise Store. Flour and Feed. Meat and Provision Market.
  2. Barton, W. G. Dry Goods.
  3. F. G. Bennett & Son. Furniture Dealers and Funeral Directors. Art Dealers. Picture Framing.
  4. Bennett, H. S. Staple and Fancy Groceries.
  5. Booth, C. H. & Bentley Co. Dry Goods, Carpets, Millinery.
  6. Bridgeport Wood Finishing Co. Still River.
  7. Cassedy, P. M. Books, Stationery, Office and School Supplies, Photograph and Sporting Goods.
  8. Clark, W. J. Cafe and Dining Rooms.
  9. Donnelly, Henry, Cafe.
10. Eastern Lounge Co. and Upholstery Works.
11. Green, Fred R. Coal, Grain and Feed.
12. Halpin, J. Stuart, Agent S. Rossin & Sons, Importers, Packers and Dealers of Leaf Tobaccos.
13. Hat Factory.
14. Hine, H. D. Photographic Studio.
15. Humeston, B. F. Cafe.
16. Keeler, Wm. M. Livery, Board, Feed and Exchange Stables.
17. Miller, W. M. Photographer.
18. New England House. Geo. F. Pixley, Proprietor.
19. Northrup, J. A. Foundry and Machine Works.
20. Robertson's Shoe Store. Boots, Shoes and Rubbers.
21. Rowe Co., Frank E. Contractors, Builders and Designers.
22. Schoverling, C. F. Packer of Leaf Tobacco.
23. Saule, Frank E. Bookseller, Newsdealer and Stationer.
24. Soule Co., T. Builders, Dealers in Grain and Lumber. Tobacco Warehouse.
24A. Staub, Henry.
25. Thomas, Hubert. Furniture Dealer and Funeral Director.
26. Todd, C. A. & A. G. Insurance, Real Estate and Investments.
27. Todd, R. S. Veterinary Surgeon.
28. United Bank Building. Savings Bank. First National Bank.
29. Way, C. A. Paints, Window Glass, Wall Paper, etc. Wholesale and Retail.
30. Young, F. F. Proprietor, Young's Hotel.
31. Farmer's Trading Co. General Groceries.
32. New Milford Gazette Printing Office
33. Lichtenstein, J. & Co. V. B. Sterling, Agent, Packers and Importers of Leaf Tobacco.
Historic Map of New Milford, CT - 1906

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