Historic Map - Naugatuck, CT - 1906

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Bird's-eye view of Naugatuck, Connecticut 1906.

An historic map print reproduction of Naugatuck, CT, published by Hughes & Bailey in 1906. Like many nearby towns in the Naugatuck Valley, Naugatuck was initially a farming community in western Connecticut, settled in 1701. The Industrial Revolution found Naugatuck ready to transform itself into a thriving mill town. Charles Goodyear, who was the first American to vulcanize rubber, lived in Naugatuck as a young man. Rubber manufacturing became a major focus of industry in Naugatuck, with companies like Goodyear Metallic Rubber Shoe Company, founded by Henry Goodyear, the brother of Charles Goodyear. This map shows two factories in operation for the Goodyear Metallic Rubber Shoe Co. in 1906. Nine rubber manufacturers were consolidated in 1892 as the United States Rubber Company, later to become Uniroyal Inc. (1962).

The map also shows an illustration of the Naugatuck Chemical Company, which had only recently been formed by the U. S. Rubber Co., in 1904. Developing chemical processes to reclaim rubber, the Naugatuck Chemical Company soon became a leader in the American chemical industry.

Photographs and illustrations of notable buildings featured as insets around the margins include:

  • Town Hall
  • Episcopal Church
  • Congregational Church
  • Methodist Church
  • Salem School
  • High School
  • The Howard Whittemore Memorial Public Library
  • Naugatuck Schools (Six schools shown)
  • Swedish Lutheran Church
  • Swedish Church
  • Catholic Church and School
  • Residence of J. H. Whittemore
  • Residence of Harris Whittemore
  • Residence of W. T. Rodenbach
  • Residence of F. F. Schaffer
  • Hopson Block
  • Residence of Jos. Carlson
  • Residence of J. C. Maher
  • Residence of L. V. Matson
  • Residence of F. M. Twitchell
  • Goodyear's I. R. Glove Mfg. Co.
  • Goodyear's Metallic Rubber Shoe Co. Factory No. 1
  • United States Rubber Co. Reclaiming Plant
  • Naugatuck Chemical Company
  • The Perry Press
  • D. J. Gorman's Store and Buildings
  • Store and Residence of Mrs. L. M. Maher
  • J. E. Lundin's Store
  • Goodyear's Metallic Rubber Shoe Co. Factory No. 2
  • Jos. Carlson's Store
  • Tolles Block. W. H. Twitchell, Furniture and Undertaking

Complete reference list below.

Features references to the following locations:

  • Goodyear's I. R. Glove Manufacturing Co.'s Factories. Maple, Church and Water Streets.
  • Goodyear's M. R. Shoe Co.'s Factories. Rubber Ave. & Water St., Rubber & Andrew Avenues.
  • The U. S. Rubber Co.'s Reclaiming Plant. Near Elm St. and Naugatuck River.
  • Naugatuck Chemical Company's Works. Elms St. near Spencer St.
  • Naugatuck Malleable Iron Co. Bridge St., Union City.
  • The Metal Finishing Co. 112 Bridge St.
  • Adams, George. Tonsorial Parlors. Opera House.
  • Barbierro, Julius. Confectionery and Ice Cream. 26 North Main and 129 Maple Streets.
  • Behlman, P. H. Proprietor of Linden Park House. 184 North Main St.
  • Benedict, G. W. Coal, Wood, Feed and Mason's Supplies. 87 Church St.
  • Birdsall, W. K. Picture Frames and Stationery. 83 Maple St.
  • Bowen, Thomas J. Attorney-at-Law. Hopson Block.
  • Boylan, Peter. Meats and Vegetables. 16 Church Street.
  • Breen, John F. Bottler. 117 Cherry St.
  • Brennan, W. F. Staple and Fancy Groceries. Hopson Block.
  • Carlson's Tea and Butter Store. J. Carlson, Proprietor. 162 Church St.
  • Center House. James L. Baxter. Corner of Oak and Maple Streets.
  • Clark, F. Alton. Architect. 364 North Main St.
  • Clark, W. F. Trucking and General Jobbing. Cherry St.
  • Commercial Hotel. A. C. Hinckley, Proprietor. Corner S. Main and Maple Streets.
  • Davis, W. T. & Co. Groceries. 5 S. Main St.
  • Delaney, W. J. Physician. 276 Church St.
  • Dunham Hosiery Co. Manufacturers of Knit Underwear. Rubber Ave.
  • Galvin, A. B. Meats and Groceries. 157 Rubber Avenue.
  • Gem Shoe Store. H. V. Bunting. 24 Maple St.
  • Gorman, D. J. Wines and Liquors. 80, 84, 86, 88 Cherry St.
  • Gorman, John J. Contractor and Builder. 5 Gorman St.
  • Halajian & Brother. Wholesale and Retail Dealers in Confectionery and Ice Cream. Water St., Naugatuck. Main St., Union City.
  • Ham, George Conrad. Civil Engineer. 98 Church Street.
  • Hard, W. G. 5 and 10 Cent Store. 270 Water St.
  • Haring, Ulrich. City Bakery. 167 Maple St.
  • Hillside Ave. Cash Market. Andrew P. Abramson, Proprietor. 169 Hillside Ave.
  • Hodson's Cafe. Fred. W. Hodson, Proprietor. Corner Main and Maple Streets.
  • Hotchkiss, E. A. Carpenter and Builder. Rear 144 Meadow St.
  • Hungerford, C. F. Real Estate and Insurance. Hopson Block.
  • Illy, Frederick. Tailor and Clothier. Odd Fellows' Block.
  • Judd, Frank H. & Co. Druggists. 289 Water St.
  • Kaylor, C. T. General Secretary, Y. M. C. A. Water St.
  • Kennedy, Miss L. Dry Goods and Ladies' Furnishings. Hopson Block.
  • Kennedy, Wm. Attorney-at-Law. Water St.
  • Henney, J. H. Meats and Vegetables. 3 Church Street.
  • Linskey, John J. Livery Stable, Piano and Furniture Mover. N. Main St., Union City.
  • Lloyd, Wm. L. Druggist. 7 South Main St.
  • Lundin's Grocery. Meat and Provision Stores. J. E. Lundin, Proprietor. 176 Hillside Ave.
  • Maher, J. C. Wines and Liquors. 13 Main St.
  • Maher, L. M. Wines, Liquors and Cigars. 46 Arch Street. Telephone connection.
  • Matson, L. V. Contractor and Builder. 215 North Main St.
  • McCarthy, H. P. Undertaker, Stationer and Newsdealer. Hopson Block.
  • Mooney, J. J. Wines and Liquors. Opposite Depot.
  • National and Savings Bank, Church near Maple St.
  • Naugatuck Clothing Co. 36 Maple Street.
  • Naugatuck Hotel. W. M. Doyle, Proprietor. 8 S. Main St.
  • Naugatuck Lumber and Coal Co. Bridge Street, Union City.
  • Neary, Thomas. Wholesale and Retail Liquor Dealer. Water St.
  • Norwood, J. N. Veterninary Surgeion. 320 North Main St.
  • O'Connell's Lunch Room. M. F. O'Connell, Proprietor. 22 North Main St.
  • Page, John M. & Co. Hardware. 175 Church St.
  • Perkins, Hart E. Meats and Groceries, Flour, Feed, Etc. 417 Main St.
  • Prentzel, Paul. Teacher of Violin and all Instruments for String Quarteete. Room 11, Hopson Block.
  • Pytlik, Frank J. Merchant Tailor and Maker of Ladies' High Grade Costumes. Hopson Block.
  • Ratkiewich, Thomas. Corner Diamond and Spring Streets, Union City.
  • Reilly, W. A. Physician. 176 Meadow St.
  • Reynolds, Joseph W. Contractor and Builder. 231 Water St., Residence 179 Cherry St.
  • Robbins, J. W. Physician. 265 Church St.
  • Rubin, Philip. Clothier, Boots and Shoes. Water Street.
  • Schofield, H. H. Staple and Fancy Groceries. 172 Maple St.
  • Shea, John D. Wines and Liquors. Bottling a specialty. 72 Rubber Ave.
  • Spring, Frederick. Physician. 279 Church St.
  • Squire, A. N. Florist. High St.
  • Sullivan, John F. Wines and Liquors. Water St.
  • Sweeney, E. J. Picture Frames and Stationery. Water St.
  • Sweeney, J. E. Real Estate and Insurance. 267 Water St.
  • Taylor, I. E. Livery, Feed and Sale Stables. 242 Water Street.
  • Taylor's Market. I. E. Taylor Proprietor. 264 Water Street.
  • The Perry Press. Printers, Binders. City Hill St.
  • Twitchell, Walter H. Furniture, Carpets, Paper Hangings, General Furnishing, Undertaker. Tolles Block.
  • Union City Coal Co. A. C. Brennan.
  • Van Ness, Barney. Horse Shoeing and Wagon Repairing. Church St.
  • Ward, Wm. Historian. 102 Elm St.
  • Watson, Wh. H. Union City Pharmacy. 411 North Main St.
  • West Side Grocery. Staple and Fancy Groceries. No. 1 Church St.
  • Wigglesworth, George. Plumbing and Heating. Corner Maple and Central Ave.

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