Historic Map - Patchogue, NY - 1906

Bird's-eye view of Patchogue, Long Island, N.Y.

This reproduction bird's-eye view map of Patchogue, New York was published by Hughes & Bailey in 1906. The village of Patchogue was incorporated in 1893 in Suffolk County. It is located on the south shore of Long Island and was named after the Patchogue Native American Tribe that once lived there.

This panoramic map from the early 1900s features top and bottom illustrations or photographs of the following:

Patchogue Bank
Masonic Temple
Fire Department Building
Episcopal Church
Congregational Church
Patchogue High School
Methodist Episcopal Church
Catholic Church
River Avenue School
Maple Avenue School
Roe's Hotel, G. G. Roz, Proprietor
Syndicate Building
E. Bailey & Sons, Planing and Moulding Mills and Lumber Yards
Residence of Sherman Gerard
Residence of Hon. Edwin Bailey
E. Bailey & Sons Store
Residence of Joseph Bailey
H. F. Weeks, Coal Yards
Summer Residence of Geo. S. Youngling, M. D.
A. D. Schoenfeld's Bakery
Residence of J. J. Kirkpatrick
Maurice Beck's Store, Ladies' Outfitter
Residence of E. Agate Foster, M. D.
Ackerly's Music Hall, Successor to Geo. M. Ackerly & Son
Eugene P. Smith's Drug Store
Residence of Geo. W. Sumner, Rear Admiral, U. S. N.
Patchogue Manufacturing Co., Lace Curtain Manufacturers
H. S. Conklin's Book, News and Stationery Store
Ocean Avenue Hotel, Sanford Weeks, Proprietor

The map shows buildings, clearly labeled streets, and railroad route.

Features numbered & lettered references to the following locations:

   A. Post Office
   B. Patchogue Station L. I. R. R.
   C. Public Schools
CA. Free Public Library
   D. Fire Department Building
   E. Congregational Church
   F. M. E. Church
   G. Episcopal Church
   H. Catholic Church
     I. Baptist Church
    J. Jewish Church
   K. Residence of Hon. Edwin Bailey
   L. Residence Of Joseph Bailey, Ocean Ave. below Baker St.
   M. Residence of Henry Bade, 376 Main St.
   N. Residence of James A. Canfield, Rose Ave.
   O. Properties of Mme. J. Flasch. New York Office, 761 6th Ave.
   P. Residence of J. Fred. Flugrath, Rose Ave.
   Q. Residence of Sherman Gerard, 127 Rider Ave.
   R. Residence, "Brightwood" of Mrs. K. L. Gilbert, Laurel St.
   S. Residence of L. B. Green, 223 N. Ocean Ave.
   T. Residence of J. J. Kirkpatrick, 252 N. Ocean Ave.
   U. Residence of John F. Magurk, Rider Ave. near Park St.
   V. Residence of A. Smith Pettey, 309 River Ave.
 VA. Residence of Henry Reardon
   W. Residence of Rev. John J. F. Robinson, Pastor Catholic Church
   X. Residence of Mrs. George Silliman, 32 Carman St.
   Y. Residence of J. N. Silsbe, 306 Ocean Ave.
   X. Residence of Ruth N. Smith, 575 Ocean Ave.
AA. Residence of George Watson Sumner, Rear Admiral U. S. Navy, Retired, E. Main St.
   1. J. W. Ackerly, Musical Instruments and Merchandise, Sewing Machines, Ocean Ave.
   2. E. Bailey & Sons, Inc. Patchogue Planing and Moulding Mill, West Ave. and Division St. Hardware and Builders' Supplies Store, 24 Ocean Ave.
2A. Edwin Bailey Jr., Office, Syndicate Bldg.
   3. "Bartletts" R. S. Bartlett, Proprietor, 15 W. Main St.
   4. Maurice Beck Apparel, Established 1892, Outfitters for Ladies, Misses and Children, 58 W. Main St.
   5. Thomas Bush, Practical Horseshoer and General Blacksmith, E. Main St.
   6. Arington H. Carman, Attorney at Law, Syndicate Bldg.
6A. Citizens' National Bank, Masonic Temple
   7. George E. Coleman, Contractor and Builder, 18 Carman St.
   8. H. S. Conklin, Stationer, Bookseller and Newsdealer, 29-31 Ocean Ave.
   9. James P. Conklin, Contractor and Builder, 23 Carman St.
 10. Corley's Restaurant, W. C. Corley, Proprietor, Ocean Ave. near Main St. Best Cuisine, Prompt Service
 11. A. F. Dake, General Machinist, Bicycle, Automobile and Repairing, 52 Oak St.
 12. Dr. Milton B. Davis, Office and Residence, 68 W. Main St.
 13. Dr. H. Mott Demarest, Dentist, Room 1, Masonic Temple
 14. E. Agate Foster, M. D. Office and Residence, Ocean Ave. and Gerard Ct.
 15. George W. Fox, Central House Stables, Boarding and Livery
 16. George H. Furman, Attorney and Counselor at Law, Ocean Ave., Roe's Block
 17. H. Geertsema, Meat and Poultry Market, 46 North Ocean Ave.
 18. F. E. Gordon, Plumber, First-Class Work, 45 W. Main St.
 19. Hotel Montauk, Edward Davidow, Proprietor, foot of Ocean Ave. Sea Food Dinners a Specialty
 20. A. D. Hobbs, Manufacturer of Hollow Cement Stone, Islip, N. Y.
 21. Frank H. Homan, Contractor and Builder, 98 Rider Ave.
 22. John S. Havens & Co., General Merchandise, 71 Main St.
 23. Walter H. Jaycox, Attorney and Counselor at Law, County Judge Suffolk County, Syndicate Bldg.
 24. Charles C. Jones, Painter and Decorator, 15 Rider Ave.
 25. John E. Ketcham, Syndicate Bldg.
 26. Theodore J. Kirk, Plumber, Steam and Gas Fitter, Syndicate Bldg.
 27. J. M. Malken, Model Horseshoeing and Blacksmithing Establishment, N. Ocean Ave. corner Oak St.
 28. Mascot House and Dock, R. A. Budd, Proprietor, foot of Ocean Ave. Shore Dinners a Specialty
 29. Robert H. Metcalf, Real Estate and Insurance Broker, 64 Terry St.
 30. Moore & Thurber, Fancy Groceries, Fresh Fruits and Vegetables, 52 Ocean Ave.
 31. "The Old Homestead" Charles H. Murdock, Proprietor, 8 W. Main St.
 32. Ocean Avenue Hotel, Sanford Weeks, Owner and Proprietor, foot of Ocean Ave.
 33. C. J. Odell, Groceries, Fruits and Vegetables, 467 Ocean Ave.
 34. Old Oak Hotel, George A. Link, Proprietor, Open all the Year. E. Main St. between Grove and Evergreen Sts.
 35. Hermann Pape, Manufacturer of Fine Confections and Ice Cream, 28 Ocean Ave.
 36. R. H. Parks, Mason and Builder, 52 Railroad Ave.
 37. Patchogue Advance, James A. Canfield, Editor and Publisher, Ocean Ave.
 38. Patchogue Argus, L. B. Green, Editor and Proprietor, 31 W. Main St.
 39. Patchogue Bank, General Banking Business, 44 W. Main t.
 40. Patchogue Cleaning and Dye Works, George T. Renke, Proprietor, 36 W. Main St.
 41. Patchogue Gas Co., W. Main St. near River St.
 42. Patchogue Manufacturing Co., Lace Curtain Manufacturers, New York Office, 443-445 Broadway
 43. Pecaha Laundry, Case & Petty, Proprietors, 48 W. Main St.
 44. Robert S. Pelletreau, Attorney at Law, Syndicate Bldg.
 45. A. Redfield Pettit, M. D. Office and Residence, 63 E. Main St.
 46. A. W. Phillips, Public Truckman and Team Contractor, Jennings Ave.
 47. Potter & Price, Real Estate and Insurance, Patchogue Bank Bldg.
 48. Roe's Hotel, G. G. Roe, Proprietor. Superior Equipment Throughout. Open All the Year.
 49. John J. Roe, Real Estate and Insurance, Roe's Block, Ocean Ave.
 50. Dr. W. H. Roe, Office and Residence, 60 E. Main St.
 51. Mrs. Clara Schenk, Millinery, 128 Ocean Ave.
 52. A. D. Shoenfeld, Model Bakery and Confectionery, 172 Ocean Ave. opposite Academy St.
 53. Frank F. Schwartz, Photo Studio, 126-8 Ocean Ave.
 54. Lewis A. Seitz, Barber, 9 W. Main St.
 55. William Simpson, Contractor and Builder, 33 Jennings Ave.
 56. Emmett C. Smith, House Mover, 424 Grove Ave.
 57. Emmett F. Smith, Civil Engineer, Roads, Municipal Works, Parks, 31 W. Main St. Syndicate Bldg.
 58. Eugene P. Smith, Prescription Druggist, Roe's Block, 55 Ocean Ave.
 59. J. L. Smith, General Truckman, 49 Rider Ave.
 60. Alanson S. Still, General Trucking, 479 Ocean Ave.
 61. G. G. Swezey & Son, Boarding and Livery Stables, rear of Roe's Hotel
 62. Emerson G. Terrell, Contractor and Builder, 32 Church St.
 63. M. F. Tiger, Grower of Fine Nursery Stock, Roe Ave.
 64. John R. Vunk, Real Estate, Room 2, Roe's Block and Bellport, L. I.
 65. Henry E. Weeks, Dealer in All Kinds of Coal, West Ave.
 66. Robert Weeks, Up-to-Date Job and Commercial Printing, 47 W. Main St.
 67. Dr. James L. Wells, Veterinary Surgeon, U. S. Inspector, B. A. I., 19 Academy St.
 68. John Weston, Wholesale and Retail Florist, Division St. opposite Depot
 69. White House Hotel, E. M. Dooley, Proprietor, Meals on European Plan, 63 W. Main St.
 70. M. H. Woodhull, Jeweler and Optician, 59 Ocean Ave.
 71. George S. Youngling, M. D., Maiden Lane. New York Office, 453 W. 34th St.
Historic Map of Patchogue, NY - 1906

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