Historic Map - Palmer, MA - 1879

View of Palmer, Hampden County, M.A., 1879 / drawn & published by O. H. Bailey & Co.

This bird’s-eye view print of Palmer, Massachusetts was drawn and published by O. H. Bailey & Co. in 1879. Palmer was settled in the 1700s. Early farmers of the region grew potatoes, corn, wheat, rye, oats, barley and flax for exportation to Boston.

Textile mills began to emerge in the 1800's along the rivers. Railroads maintained a major junction at Palmer during that era which enabled manufacturers and farmers to ship goods more easily.

The Palmer Journal began its weekly news publication in 1850. In 1879, a new public library was dedicated in Palmer.

The illustration includes labeled roads, buildings, waterways and railroad routes. There are detailed illustrations of the following:

• French’s Block.
• Nassowanno House.

Features references to the following locations:

Boston and Albany R. R. Depots.
New London and Northern R. R. Depots
Adams Express Co.
American Express Co.
Post Office. C. Knox, P. M.
Palmer National Bank. M. W. French, Pres. W. A. Lincoln, Cashier.
French’s Block.
Nassowanno Block. Property of L. E. & H. C. Strong.
Tockwotten Block.
Cross’s Block.
Commercial Block.
Allen’s Block.
Lawrence Block.
Congregational Church.
Baptist Church.
Universalist Church.
St. Thomas R. C. Church.
Advent Church.
Public School Building.
Hampden Agricultural Building.
Nassowanno House, No. 4. Capt. C. P. Stone, Proprietor.
Tockwotten House, No. 5. E. M. Turner, Proprietor.
Weeks’ Antique House. J. W. Weeks, Proprietor.
Palmer Carpet Co. A. Pinney, Superintendent.
R. L. Goddard (Hampden Hat Factory), Finishing Straw Goods.
Marchant & Wing, Straw Goods Manufacturers.
Ridge’s Patent Food Factory.
H. Lawrence, Manufacturer of Brooms, Brushes, etc.
Edgerton & Davis, Palmer Foundry and Machine Shop.
Francis Keyes, Planing Mill and Lumber Yard.
F. F. Marcy, Lumber Dealer and Builder.
S. Leach, Carpenter and Builder.
Residence and Shop of W. Winter.
State Primary School. J. H. Bradford, Superintendent.
G. M. Fisk & Co., Palmer Journal.
Randall & Sanger, Sale Stable.
A. H. Willis, Dry Goods, Clothing, Carpets, etc.
Fosket & Holbrook, Flour, Grain, etc.
Smith & Co., Groceries, etc.
G. L. Hitchcock & Co., Druggists and News Dealers.
Allen & Cowan, Druggists and Booksellers.
George Robinson, Hardware.
C. A. Brown & Co., Hardware, Stoves, etc.
W. H. Hitchcock, Tin and Slate Roofer, Stoves, etc.
J. S. Loomis, Furniture.
E. S. Brooks, Jeweler.
J. H. Leedham, Jeweler.
F. J. Wassum, Merchant Tailor.
H. W. Munger, Merchant Tailor.
Mrs. H. H. Weeden, Fancy Goods and Dress Making.
Mrs. H. D. Wilcox, Millinery and Fancy Goods.
Palmer Market, H. A. Northrop.
C. Hitchcock, Shoemaker.
T. J. Sullivan, Boots, Shoes and Custom Work.
A. W. Wilder, Harness Maker.
Frank M. Mason, Barber and Hair Dresser.
M. Fox, Restaurant.
John Feeny, Restaurant.
J. P. Murphy, Restaurant.
Michael Griffin, Restaurant.
Residence and Office of Chas. L. Gardner, Attorney.
Office of S. S. Taft, Attorney.
Residence of H. A. Northrop.
Residence and Office of Wm. Holbrook, M. D.
Residence and Office of Dr. J. K. Warren (Homeopathic).
Residence and Office of W. H. Stowe, M. D.
Office of A. C. Downing, M. D., Nassowanno House.
Residence of J. M. Converse.
Residence of J. F. Holbrook.
Residence of Mrs. A. Burleigh.
Residence of J. A. Squier.
Residence of Mrs. Elisha Converse.
Residence of Mrs. L. I. Child.
Residence of W. C. Dewey.
Office of Dr. C. W. Cross, Dentist.
Historic Map – Palmer, MA - 1879

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