Historic Map - Boston, MA - 1870

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View of Boston, Suffolk County, M.A., 1870 / drawn & published by F. Fuchs.

This panoramic illustration of Boston, Massachusetts was drawn and published by F. Fuchs, New England Lith. Co. in 1870. Boston was a major trading and industrial center by 1870.

The city was going through a number of changes in the years before the Great Boston Fire. Waterways and ravines were being filled in and hills leveled to accommodate the flood of new immigrants from Europe and elsewhere. The neighboring town of Roxbury was annexed by Boston in 1868 and Dorchester became attached in 1870.

This map shows Boston as it readies for the year’s July 4th celebration. A fire in November of 1872 destroyed much of Boston’s financial district, killing at least 30 people. Containment of the fire was hampered by un-standardized fire plug couplings and a national horse-flu epidemic which left Boston’s fleet of fire engine pumpers to be pulled by volunteers and firefighters on foot. Over 750 buildings were lost in the fire.

The map includes Boston Harbor and vicinity.