Historic Map - Boston, MA - 1920

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View of Boston Harbor, Suffolk County, M.A., 1920 / drawn & published by Union News Company.

This bird’s-eye view print of Boston Harbor, along the South Shore to Plymouth, Cape Cod Canal and Provincetown, was drawn and published by Union News Company and engraved by Federal Engraving Co. in 1920. Boston’s harbor was one of America’s largest trading centers in the early 1900's. In the years before manufacturing interests began moving westward, Boston began a campaign of enlargement as ravines and mud-flats were filled in, hills leveled and islands connected, in the effort to accommodate future growth.

Neighboring Roxbury township was annexed by Boston in 1868 and Dorchester became attached in 1870. Roslindale was annexed in 1873 and Brighton and Charlestown became part of the city in 1874.

The Great Fire in November of 1872 destroyed much of Boston’s financial district, killing at least 30 people. Containment of the fire was hampered by un-standardized fire plug couplings and a national horse-flu epidemic which left Boston’s fleet of fire engine pump wagons to be pulled by volunteers and firefighters on foot. Over 750 buildings were lost in the fire.

The Great Molasses Flood occurred in January of 1919 near Keany Square. A storage tank of the Purity Distilling Company, containing over 2 million gallons of molasses, collapsed and flooded several blocks, damaging buildings and a portion of the elevated railway. The disaster killed 21 people and several horses, and wounded 150.

The illustration shows steamboat routes and Boston waterways. Islands are labeled and lighthouses referred to.

Features references to the following locations:

Rowes Wharf.
New Custom House.
Charlestown Navy Yard.
Commonwealth Pier.
Fish Pier.
Fort Winthrop.
Fort Independence.
Apple Island.
Snake Island.
Farm School.
Range Lights.
Deer Island Light.
Long Island Light and Fort Strong.
Nix’s Mate.
Fort Standish.
Fort Warren.
Bug Light.
Fort Andrew.
Hotel Pemberton, Pemberton.
Allerton Beacon.
Boston Light.
Graves Light.
Minot’s Light
Brant Rock.
Gurnet Lights.
Plymouth Harbor Light.
Captain’s Hill, Miles Standish Monument.
Long Point Light.
Wood End Light.
Race Point Light.
Pilgrim Monument.
Highland Light.

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