Historic Railroad Map of the Northeastern US - 1850

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Map of the Philadelphia, Wilmington & Baltimore Railroad.

This outline map showing the Chesapeake Bay region of Maryland was published in the 1850's by J.E. Larkin. It features major cities and towns, and the railroads and waterways that connect them.

In 1851 Baltimore separated itself from Baltimore County, becoming an independent city.

Philadelphia, established in 1682 at the confluence of the Schuylkill and Delaware Rivers, was the national capital from 1790-1800. Philadelphia grew rapidly because of its port location. By the 1850's it had become not only a busy port and trade center, but also a major railroad hub. Philadelphia was served by several railroads that all converged there.

Wilmington, established in 1638 at the confluence of the Christina and Delaware Rivers, was a manufacturing giant before, during and after the American Civil War. The war effort brought many new manufacturers to the region and with the transportation of the two rivers they were able to ship goods easily.

Baltimore’s sympathies remained with the Confederacy during the nation’s civil uprising, though Maryland was held back from seceding under a federal order. This all led to much tension in Baltimore until the end of the conflict.

The Susquehanna River was eventually bridged by the railroad in 1866.

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