Peters Projection Political World Classroom Style Map

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The Peters Projection Advanced World political map from Academia Maps is ideal for teaching world geography or world history lessons to students in grades 6 through 12. This map was designed using the Gall-Peters projection, which is an equal-area map projection that accurately depicts the sizes of countries in relation each other. The Peters projection map has been adopted for use by UNESCO, OXFAM, numerous British schools, and recently by Boston Public Schools. It is considered a good alternative to the commonly used Mercator projection which increasingly inflates the sizes of countries the further you move from the equator. This is most noticeably observed with Greenland appearing larger than Africa on a Mercator map despite being 14 times smaller.

The Peters world map maintains correct sizes and proportions of continents, providing us with an alternative view of the world not found on traditional school maps.  

The map features countries displayed in bright contrasting colors with political boundaries outlined. Countries, national capital cities, major cities and U.S. states are clearly labeled. Also features rivers, lakes, seas, mountain ranges, deserts, basins, and latitude/longitude lines. Map also features detailed shaded relief. Politically up-to-date with the latest changes.
Key Features:
  • Bold easy to read text labels.
  • Detailed legend identifies map symbols and features.
  • Insets include: Detailed polar projections of North and South Pole.

Available in a variety of sizes, and in multiple finishing options including:

  • Premium Paper Print - Heavyweight paper fine art print, map poster
  • Laminated Print - High quality 3 mil lamination, full encapsulation, dry-erase compatible, metal eyelets provide reinforced points for hanging with pushpins
  • Laminated on Wood Hanging Rails - Solid wood rails mounted to the top and bottom of laminated print w/ durable hanging cord
  • Peel & Stick Wall Decal - Repositionable, removable self-adhesive fabric wall decal - resists wrinkles, bubbling, & tears

Ships rolled in a durable cardboard tube.

This popular classroom style map is also offered on a spring roller for school or home use. Click to see the Peters Projection Political World Pull-Down Map. 

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