Historic Map - Uxbridge, MA - 1880

View of Uxbridge, Worcester County, M.A., 1880 / drawn & published by H. B. Bigelow.

This bird’s-eye view print of Uxbridge, Massachusetts was drawn and published by H. B. Bigelow, Beck & Pauli, Lith. in 1880. Uxbridge was incorporated in 1727 in the Blackstone River Valley. Its early history revolved around the famous Taft political family.

A bridge across the river at that location led to Providence, making Uxbridge a natural stop-over. Uxbridge received further attention following the construction of the Blackstone Canal in the early 1800's. The canal conveniently put Uxbridge midway between Worcester and Providence along the two-day trip.

Uxbridge was an early-on adaptor to manufacturing interests, having a number of textile and grist mills. When the Providence & Worcester Railroad was built through town, in the 1840's, the fine woolen and cotton products produced at the mills of Uxbridge received much notice and their production increased greatly.

The illustration includes labeled roads, buildings, waterways and railroad route. There are featured illustrations of the following:

• James Whitings, Cotton Mills.
• C. A. & S. M. Wheelock, Fancy Cassimeres.
• Town Hall.
• Capron & Hayward, Satinet Mills.
• Chas. C. Capron, Shoddy & Flocks.
• Sayles & Taft, Woolen Mills.
• Daniel W. Taft, Central Woolen Mills.
• Methodist Church.
• Res. of Moses Taft.
• Res. of Daniel W. Taft.
• W. D. Davis & Co., Uxbridge Woolen Mfg. Co
• Res. of C. C. Capron.
• Res. of Wm. E. Hayward.
• Res. of Chas. A. Taft.

Features references to the following locations:

Congregational Church.
Roman Catholic Church.
Unitarian Church.
Methodist Church.
Town Hall.
Court House.
High School.
Blackstone Bank.
Hayward & Taft, Dry Goods.
Providence & Worcester Depot.
Post Office.
H. S. Farnum, Stoves and Furniture.
Worcester So. Compendium.
Wacantuck House. S. P. Lovett, Proprietor.
H. D. Spencer, Lumber Office.
Geo. W. Hobbs, Attorney.
H. D. Spencer, Lumber Yard.
G. J. Hamilton & Co., Meat Market.
E. F. Darcy, Hair Dressing.
L. C. Wheeler, Clothing.
Samuel Hudson, Boot and Shoe Maker.
E. C. Woods, Blacksmith.
C. W. Scott, Dry and Fancy Goods.
Whitmore Bros., Groceries and Dry Goods.
G. F. Wilcox, Gents’ Furnishing Goods.
Taft Bros., Hardware.
F. W. Barnes, Jewelry.
H. E. Gunn, Druggist.
D. Daley, Dry Goods.
W. H. Hebrow, Barber.
Jack Taylor, Livery Stable.
P. Wims, Harness Maker.
Bradford Stetson, Carpenter Shop.
M. E. Rumford, Livery Stable.
Henry Capron, Saw Mills.
Capron & Hayward, Satinet Mills.
Charles C. Capron, Shoddy Mills.
Daniel W. Taft, Woolen Mills.
C. A. & S. M. Wheelock, Fancy Woolens.
W. D. Davis & Co., Ux. Woolen Mills.
J. R. & S. W. Scott, Satinet Mills.
James Whitings’ Cotton Mills.
A. S. Sweet, Grocer.
Sayles & Taft, Woolen Mills.
B. J. Blanchard, Granite Quarry.
H. C. Ballou, Carpenter.
N. Clark Nelson, Meat Butcher.
Mrs. R. Audsley, Dry Goods.
Historic Map – Uxbridge, MA - 1880

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