Historic Map - Towanda, PA - 1880

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View of Towanda, Bradford County, P.A., 1880 / drawn & published by Philadelphia Publishing House.

This panoramic print of Towanda, Pennsylvania was drawn and published by the Philadelphia Publishing House in 1880. The industrious borough of Towanda was organized in the early 1800's along the Susquehanna River. The town prospered as a trade center for grain and dairy products as well as the manufacture of agricultural implements, shoes and boots, fine furniture, crockery and glass making.

When the railroads of the river valley improved transportation of goods, Towanda gained several new interests including an iron and brass foundry, a popular nail works, and a huge steam grist mill on South Main that produced 250 bushels of buckwheat per day.

J. O. Frost started his furniture factory at Pine and River streets in 1871 using the same power as the foundry. The original furniture factory was destroyed by fire in 1881 and later rebuilt at a different nearby site. The community organized a new water works system in 1879 with iron pipelines being laid throughout town thru 1880.

Towanda acquired its public library in the year of this map’s publishing. The three-span covered bridge shown crossing the Susquehanna was 900 feet in length. Tolls to cross it were suspended in 1879.

The map from 1880 includes covered bridge, streets, buildings and railroad route. It features inset illustrations of the following:

• Universalist Church.
• Court House.
• Residence of Hon. W. T. Davies.
• Episcopal Church.
• County Prison.
• Residence & Office of D. S. Pratt, M. D.
• Presbyterian Church.
• Public School.
• Lehigh Valley Railroad Bridge.
• Methodist Episcopal Church.
• Residence of M. A. Shaw.
• Furniture Factory. J. O. Frost & Sons.
• Eureka Mower Co.
• Humphrey Bros. & Tracy Boot & Shoe Manufactory.
• Residence of Hon. E. Overton, Jr.
• Susquehanna Collegiate Institute.
• Roman Catholic Church of St. Peter & St. Paul.