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Globe Lesson 17 - Alaska and Hawaii - Grade 4-5

Skills used Latitude & Longitude
  Using scale to measure distance
  Using directions
  Critical thinking
Materials Needed Globe in Horizon Ring Mounting



In 1867 the United States purchased Alaska from Russia for less than two cents an acre. Find and circle Alaska on your globe. It can be found at 65N/150W.


Turn to a world map in your social studies textbook and find Alaska. Use this map and its scale to measure the width of the state from its eastern boundary to its west coast at the point where it is closest to Russia. How wide is Alaska at this point? (1.) _________________________


Now, use your globe and the globe's mounting ring to measure Alaska's width at the same location. What is the distance on the globe? (2.) ____________________________ Is the distance you measured across Alaska the same on the globe as it was on the textbook map? (3.) ________ Which distance is the most accurate?(4.) __________________________________________ Why? (5.) ______________________________________________________________


What is the name of the river that flows from east to west across Alaska? (6.) _______________ In the central part of the state, just south of this river you will find a small dot near 63N/150W. What does this dot stand for? (7.) ______________________________ This mountain peak, at 20,320 feet, is the highest elevation on the continent of North America. What is the name of the mountain? (8.) ___________________________________


Find the Aleutian Islands. The Aleutians are part of Alaska and they extend southwest and west from the southern end of the state. Follow them westward until you come to a brown line. This line is called the International Date Line. Why do you think the line zigzags to the west near the western end of the Aleutian Islands? (9.) ___________________________________________


Next, circle the Hawaiian Islands at 25N/165W. Are the Hawaiian Islands closer to California or to Alaska? (10.) __________________________


Place a small "X" on Honolulu, Hawaii.
How far is Honolulu from the equator? (11.) _____________________ Compare that distance with Miami, Florida's distance from the equator. What kind of climate do you think Honolulu might have? (12.) __________________________________


To enjoy the warm breezy climate and the beautiful beaches and landscapes, millions of tourists travel to Hawaii for vacations each year. Suppose that you could visit Hawaii on your next vacation. Use your globe mounting ring to draw a route from your hometown, or a place near it, to Honolulu. How far would it be and how long would it take you to fly there? Make a list of some states you might fly over on such a trip.


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