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Globe Lesson 19 - Pearl Harbor - Grade 4-5

Skills used Latitude & Longitude
  Using scale to measure distance
  Critical thinking
  Using directions
Materials Needed Globe in Horizon Ring Mounting



On December 7, 1941 the country of Japan launched a surprise bombing attack on the US Naval base at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. As a result of this attack, the United States officially entered World War II.


On your globe, find and circle the Kuril Islands. These islands once belonged to the nation of Japan and they are located at 45N/150E. In late November of 1941, a Japanese naval force that included six aircraft carriers left the Kuril Islands for the surprise attack on Pearl Harbor, which is located on the Hawaiian island of Oahu. The Island of Oahu is located at 22N/158W. Circle Oahu on your globe.


Place a small "X" in the Pacific Ocean at 26N/157W. This is the approximate site from which the Japanese carriers launched their attack aircraft. How far had the Japanese force traveled from their bases in the Kuril Islands to the launch site? (1.) __________________________ How far from Pearl Harbor, and in what direction, were the aircraft carriers when they launched their aircraft?
(2.) ______________________________________


Study the location of the Hawaiian Islands in the Pacific Ocean. Why do you think the Americans might have felt so safe from surprise attacks in this location? (3.) ________________ ___________________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________________



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