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Political Legends and Map Symbols - World Map Activity 6
Grade 4-5

Activity Goal To identify and use the legend and map symbols.
Materials Needed: A pencil and a Cram Political World map.



Map Legend



You should check the legend of each map before you use it. The legend will tell you what type of information can be found on the map and which symbols are used to represent that information. Many maps will use the same standard symbols, but the symbols can change from map to map. Some maps will have more than one legend.
Point Symbols


A political world map shows countries in different colors. These maps usually have more man-made symbols than physical maps (elevation colors).

??? Use the world map legend and world map to answer the following questions.

1. Match the map symbol to its description, draw the symbol next to the description.



Symbol Description Symbol Description
______ Magnetic pole ______ Independence date
______ Ruin ______ Space launch site
______ City less than 500,000 ______ Mountain peak

2. The Russian Space Launch Site is actually located in the central Asian country of Kazakhstan. What is its name?__________________________________________

3. What old Inca ruin is located high in the Andes Mountains of Peru, South America?__________________________________________

4. What is the year that both India and Pakistan celebrate as their Independence Date from the British?__________________________________________

5. The capital city of Malaysia (5 N, 100 E) is the site of the tallest building in the world. What is the city's name?__________________________________________

6. The Kourou Space Center was built by the Europeans. What is the name of the French Territory (South America) in which is it located?__________________________________________

7. The Mexican peninsula called Yucatan is the site of what ancient Mayan ruins?__________________________________________

8. Japan has many large cities. Which Japanese city shown on the map has over 5,000,000 people?__________________________________________

9. Which South American country has the unusual situation of two capital cities, LaPaz and Sucre?__________________________________________

10. The second highest mountain in the world is located on the border between Pakistan and China. What is its unusual name?__________________________________________


Line Symbols


A line symbol represents a map feature that has the characteristic of length. Rivers and boundaries are commonly shown as line symbols.

??? Use the world map legend and world map to answer the following.

11. Match the map symbol to its description, draw the symbol next to the description.



Symbol Description Symbol Description
______ International Boundary ______ Canal
______ River ______ Secondary Boundary
______ Undefined Boundary    

12. Name the canal located in northeastern Egypt. Suez Canal What two seas does the canal connect?__________________________________________

13. Name the country, which is completely surrounded by the nation of South Africa.__________________________________________

14. How many countries does China share an international boundary?__________________________________________

15. The United Kingdom (northern Europe) has secondary boundaries. Name the four internal divisions. __________________________________________

16. How many countries does Japan share an international boundary? __________________________________________

17. Find Saudi Arabia (20 N, 45 E). What type of boundary is shown with its southern neighbor? __________________________________________ Why do you think that area is called the Rub Al Khali (Empty Quarter)? __________________________________________


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